Thursday, January 17, 2008

You can't judge a book by it's cover???

This week I have been making ATC books! They can be so addicting with the many possibilities of design and construction. I was First awestruck with a small journal that belonged to Gretchen. The interior had the most intriging fold, rather origami style like the one in the third photo above. (You can click on any photo to make it larger.) I couldn't resist making my own in a miniature version which was my 1st piece. I have since made 9 of them. It's like potato chips and cats, you can't have just one! I love the construction process of something small and can hold in the palm of your hand. I know it is over kill, but I actually machine quilted my tiny book designs on a long arm machine! lol I used a thin cotton batting and cut the outside covers into 2 1/2"X 3 1/2" pieces. To finish the edge, I added a chenille stem. (you could use a wire or a fine cording) and then satin stitched all around to make it a little stiffer and prevent it from curling and a little more of an edging. I also cut two pieces the same size as the book cover out of artists matt board to be used on the inside to attach the inside pages together.

I added a fringe around the book with a bead of Fabri-Tac glue, only adding it to the edges that weren't going to be at the book's spine. I also added a metallic cord about 25 inches long and glued horizontally in the center of the inside of the back cover. Lastly I glued down the inside matt covers.

To make the inside pages, I used white kraft paper that you buy on the roll. I cut the width of the roll X 3 -1/2 inches. Then I fold accordion pleats 2 1/2 inches wide. You can make as many pages as you wish. With this one I had 25 " of paper and by the time I was finished I had added 10 pages quickly to my book.

To make the pages, you have a series of mountain and valley folds. Under the mountain areas, you will use a glue stick to glue the pages together.
You will see a few already done on the right in the below photo. Continue until all are paired together except you will have a a single sheet remaining on each side to glue down to the inside cover mat board. Because of the size of these booklets, I don't even find it necessary to put a spine on the back of them. Now your little book is complete! Add words of wisdom, addresses, journal thoughts and musings!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New in the New Year!

I made a fun discovery with this new slide show feature and decided to add my latest pattern offerings. The brochure is in the works so be sure to stop back or email me at and I will be sure to get one sent to you. If you prefer to add a little music with your viewing pleasure, enjoy the selections at your right. SEW until next time!