Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I was lucky enough to find a water color sketch book at a yard sale for 50 cents!!! I figured that I would paint it when I had a moment, but it wasn't until I dug out my collected alphabet inchies that I did with some on line friends, that I decided to see if they would work for the cover. As it turned out, it was perfect for a set of upper and lower case letters as well as a corresponding illustration. I just love anything with the alphabet on it! As I get more settled in my new studio, I will begin to work on pages in the book. In the mean time I will be off to a retreat this weekend. Finally a time with the gals and a relaxing time to sew!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nice Hooters!

I have been told lately that I have nice hooters! LOL I made these special little owls for Norma S. for a belated BD gift.

The fabric was the inspiration of my "taxidermy" creations. The dyed fabric was made by my friend Michelle B., which happened to match this owl fabric in coloration, so couldn't help but use it for the momma owl. This is the first project that got completed in my remodeled studio.

I also couldn't resist posting a photo I took a couple of weeks ago of an Amish buggy parked near a local grocery store and gas station. Isn't it a hoot!?! I guess one has the choice of either using gas or grass for your transportation!

A couple of days ago, two of our cats became mascots on the animal rescue site. You may have recalled awhile back a photo of the cats with the intertwined tails. While they did only a close up shot here, it was neat to see that they were mascots of the day. (Honey and "B")

If you love animals, join in helping feed the animals at the Animal Rescue site Every click counts! Also remember to spay and Neuter your pets and weird relatives!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Under Taker

My studio is nearly finished and quite an under taking. I mudded drywall, painted walls, put down new flooring, painted furniture and spent time being an interior decorator. I still have more to do yet, but I am loving my new studio space! It wasn't that long ago that things were still strung everywhere and the walls were just white! The furniture was put in the middle of the room and covered while we painted.

Things were all piled in the bedroom.

My stepson helped me put a floating floor in.

I am loving the new floor!

I have painted furniture white until I am blue in the face! As you can see here, I have another cabinet in the foreground to paint. I also plan to put up another shelf for over the doorway on the left.

This end of the room is a bit sparce. I have more cabinets that will go along the wall in the back and the wall on the right, I shall reserve as a design wall!

I have already set up to my sewing machine and sewed a bit. It feels so good to be able to sew again! Tomorrow, I shall start working painting more cabinets before I can store any more.