Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cats Rule!

I just finished making a book marker for my step son who reads a lot, so I wrote a short story. Is it fiction or non fiction? The cats have decided!

Your Royal Highness, Princess Fritzie!

Princess Fritzie
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King Aslan, Furrrrocious King of Beasts! RRRRRRARRR!

Azlan dreams
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I dreemz Bhu Goz to aerobics wiff mom in her brite yelloz suitz and she makes Bhu swimz in yello suitz too! Funny dreemz. Me thinks Bhu likes swimz! hee hee hee.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Of Papers And Fibers

I belong to a trade group where we have a new theme each month for paper dolls. This month's paper doll theme were pointy hats and bat wings. I have always loved paper dolls as a kid. I guess I have never grown up! I also couldn't resist as I love halloween!

In people years, this cat is 91 since the text for his body is that old. In cat years, he's 637 years old! lol

I have been keeping a stash of left over prewound paper bobbin cartridges. I take them apart to use for other things. The centers are being painted and will be used for beads. The flat ends, I paint to use on atc's and such. Sometimes even as a stencil masking.

I also got a quilt finished up this week. The pattern is by Jinny Beyer. It's a quilt that I thought that I would make one time and never did. This one was made by Suzan. At least I can still enjoy quilting them even if I don't have time to make the tops!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Exciting Give Away! (Sept. 20)

Another give away. This one is really awesome, so please stop by and check it out. Click here! Her work is incredible and she also has
items up for bid on auction.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Extreme Makeover

Have you ever wanted an extreme make over? Maybe to the point of plastic surgery? I always thought that I would if I could afford it. A nip here, a tuck there, nip, nip, nip, tuck, tuck, tuck, more cutting, more slicing and it's sewn all back together. The sags and extra baggage disappears and everything is firm again. Then there's the face, No more wrinkles, no more bags around the eyes, nose shaped up, chin lifted, smiles upward with nice full lips. More eyelashes and your eyes just sparkle. You are drop dead gorgeous! Your significant other takes notice of you and romance is in the air and your youth has been restored.....BUT, what if the plastic surgery went wrong?

You could look like this!
(Do you detect, the music from Psycho with your viewing?)

OH the horror of it all! The only day you would be able to show yourself is Halloween! Or audition for Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video!

Actually how this doll came to be, was that it was a round robin trade that went bad many years ago and the gal that made her face admitted that she had simply given up. Ironically she is a doctor, but thank goodness, NOT a plastic surgeon! lol She told me she made several heads and each one was thrown to her rottweiler to chew on. lol Somehow she looks like a cross between Bette Davis and my great aunt Margaret! hee hee

Finally I have decided to perform the magical transformation myself, but I nearly became accustom to the hideous circus look. After the shock of it all, I realized that she really did have character, but I really did want to take on the challenge of a make over as the excitment overwhelmed me more, so with some replacement , putting her lips where her nose once was and lifted her eyes above her cheek bones, more shaping, firming and walla!!! A totally new look!

Her shoes had been sewn on one bead at a time to match her sparkling dress. Now she looks great from head to toe! Somehow I sort of miss the old gal..... Which reminds me of a quote. " Be yourself, because everyone else is taken!"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Creative Week(ness)

I spent the week tied to my studio creating stuff each day either for trade or for gifts. I have hand dyed, printed and or painted most of the fabrics used.

Funny how I love Sept. and Oct. and find myself indoors, but at least it was doing things that I love. The one thing that spoils it all is that I have to regroup and have to clean up the studio and face the reality that the house is getting neglected. I also need to get another customer quilt on the machine, sigh, the magic was fun while it lasted.

I made the one with the guitar for my cousin who is a musician. She has a music CD out, so she may use it for business cards, but can also be used for ID, CC, etc. for hands free shopping with it hanging around your neck.

As you can see, the guitar "pick" is pulled and it reveals the message I wanted to send to her. I didn't photograph the back before I sent it to her, but what I did was add an extra half pocket on the back side.

(The original pattern was by my friend Norma Jean Brevik from a magic card trick. I have taken on a new twist for their design and loved how they turned out.)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend had more than one meaning this year. My neice sent me a message on Sept. 5th that simply read, Water Broke 4:45 A.M. At the same time, I had an ATC challenge with the theme word, "Water". I had wanted to do something else other than the obvious lake and ocean theme and here my clue was in front of me! The medium too, would be water color:)

Here is the result of my labor and I can hardly wait to get a photo of my niece's labor. I am a great aunt for the first time to Mason Hendrick Lauckner weighing in at 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 20 1/2" long. Born Sept. 5, 2009.

Update: Here's the little guy now!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Women's Work Wednesday

This is Zack, also known as Sofa Boy! He can leap our sofa in a single bound, and wears a striped furry cape. lol He always seems to get in the middle of what ever I am doing! Love the little guy to pieces, but had to get some work done. I finally finished Ann's quilt that seemed to take me twice as long as I had anticipated, as I found myself doing several things at once.

In between, I washed laundry, answered emails, and ran the carpet cleaner. I also had a ton of dishes to catch up on . I keep saying that I will replace my broken diswasher, but I did get out of washing any more dishes this evening. I called the hubby up after work and told him that I would meet him for supper. Hmmm.... maybe I should NEVER replace it. Just too convienient to pick up the phone and order a date instead:)