Friday, March 30, 2012

Cathedral Window Winners!

Yes, it's about time that I announce the winners of the Cathedral Window pin cushions. Thanks to everyone who commented for my 5th blo"give"rsary event.

The winners are:

Sharon (dancing thru threads)
Quiltmom (Canada)

Congratulations ladies!  As soon as I get your addresses, I will send them right out.

As for the photo, you will find it and some other wonderful inspirational pieces here.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Calling For Rain

Tomorrow they are calling for rain.  Seems appropriate that "rain" is what was picked as a "color" theme this month for my Arts in the cards group.  Every one sees color differently, especially between men and women.  My step son and hubby will verify that this chart is true! (source found here)

  What color is rain anyway?  With rain, one thinks of a gray dingy day. Rain can be dark, it can be light, it can be hard, it can be soft, it can be reflective in color.  It can react to so many things.  It can be steamy, it can be cold, it can make things soggy or be absorbed, But as for the color itself, I see streaks. Especially streaks of a silvery gray with see through qualities. I thought long and hard about what I was going to do and finally it hit me. I decided to experiment reacting with an object using the colors I described.  I actually chose my face as the object. Rain also has a feeling of being somber or a smell of being refreshed. (Perhaps I should put scratch and sniff scent of rain on these atc's... hmm.....)

 For contrast, I shot my face with a web cam and used the black and white feature.  Then I had a quilting pencil that sadly has been sitting here for years that I have never used!  It was meant to mark quilts for hand quilting and since I machine quilt instead, it got tossed in my pencil drawer.  The pencil is actually Roxanne's Quilter's Choice. It's so nice and shiny!  It now goes in my colored pencil box and It shall be relabeled  "rain".

I started striking lines through the photo copy of my photo hoping to see some details through it. The more that I covered it, I thought oh no, this isn't working as I got too heavy handed, but to my surprise when I picked up the photo, I could see that it actually made a hologram effect!  How cool is that!  All 3 of these are the same photo, just a different angle of the light that hits it.

This photo almost tells me how creepy looking it can be. LOL  I was glad that the photos actually worked out too as sometimes seeing it in person as opposed to a photograph, tells a different story.

This was actually the photo that I started with.
No, I'm not mad.  This IS my somber face.  Trust me, you don't want to see my ugly side!  lol

Also before it rained, I took photos of Karen's quilt that I finished machine quilting.  I love the applique that she did with the diamond flowers!  So very lovely!

Such lovely burst of color!

Well, I am off to listening to the pitter patter of rain and continuing on to chapter seven of the book I started reading a couple of posts ago.  May your day be filled with rainbows.

Monday, March 19, 2012

I Am Who I Am

I had planned to finish the quilt that I have on the machine, but the power went out with the recent storms, so I decided to paint instead.       The power came back on just as I was about the add the lettering.  I love messing about with paints, but I suppose I should get back to my customer quilt.  It's almost finished too!  Hopefully it will quit raining enough so that I can get a photo outdoors tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WOYWW/ As The Fur Flies

If you saw my desk in it's secretive state, I would have to kill you because you would know things!  lol  I will just have to keep my secret a little while longer of what I have made. Instead, I left evidence behind of what I have done without giving it away.  I also left out a current book that I am reading.  I have only read 2 chapters, but it is proving to be a good read.

Remember what was on my desk last week?  I had those trees cut out and the backgrounds that I was going to put away, but not before I got an ATC made from one of them. 

It reminded me to cut some starts off of the pussy willow tree. One can never have too many cats or pussy willows!
Here are the pussy willows I took a photo of a couple of days ago.  Unfortunately they never last long so I am enjoying them while I can.  Love their little gray toes!

Oh and remember dear Azlan laying on my cutting mat last week?  Cats should never lay on cutting mats for long, cause you just never know what might happen!

 He was severely matted!(Don't you just love play on words?) lol

Poor kiteh, we had to have him shaved.... or did we?
It just seemed coincidental that I happened to have this book that my sister recently sent to me and I was in need of cat I mean craft supplies. lol

I use to craft with the kids when they were younger, but since they are grown and gone, I will have to just take advantage of making things with our dear kitties.
 There are dangers though.
There are people that land their cats in therapy!

It went like this:

Gracie:"Howz come youz  hyden, Azlan?"

Azlan: " Some onez  stolez my coat and I iz so scarez and em-bare-ASSed.  Remember what happen to the three little kitenz who lost their mittnz? They had no pie!  Whatz gonna happenz to mez?  Therez more than piez at STEAK here! "

Gracie:  "Itz awrite buddyz, Onez time I got in troublez and I still gotz fedz."
Fritzie: "Wanna know a secret?  I think you are still sexyz!"

Fritzie "Don't worry it will grow back.  You still haz handsome tailz!  No, reallyz!  "

Azlan:  "I'm too sexy for my tail.... too sexy for my tail.....too sexyz..... on the cat walk.....I shakes my little tush on zee cat walk...."

"I  iz goin'  to self estemez classes.......
"I iz handsome, I iz specialz,  I iz im-paw-tent!"

I IZ still kingz  who looks like a fox!
Mom sayz she's gonna makes me sumptin' wiff my furrs and to tell you that there are many more reads with Julia and others at WOYWW.
P.S.  Everyone is still eligible for the Blogiverary prizes from my last post until the 28th. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WOYWW/ BloGIVErsary Give Away!

As you can see, I have had lots of help with the king of beasts!  This is Aslan.  He is such a sweetie!  He's what's on my work area this week for WOYWW compliments of  Julia of the Stamping Ground.  You can check out hers and other work desks to see what they are all up to.

As for my other desk, it is filled with other pieces that I have cut on my Cricut this week.  They are laying on my desk awaiting to be put away in some clear plastic envelope as soon as I get more of them.  They will make for a nice stash to play with later or trade with others.  I loved how the trees made a nice negative to make a stencil with or to put on cards as well. One side of the card stock was green while the other with a news print.  It is one of Tim Holtz variety packs.

My desk wasn't too terribly messy this time, but you should have seen all the bits of paper on the floor!  I guess those birds I cut out can be quite messy regardless if I used newsprint in their cages. lol

Another thing that I wanted to share with you is my old desk caddy that I had gotten at a yard sale a couple of years ago. I am sure it was meant to put in rubber bands, paper clips and other office supplies in it, but when I found out that these chalk inks fit so perfectly, WOW it was such an AH HA moment!  Because of the color of the plastic,  I am thinking that this was perhaps something from around 20 years or so ago.  Anyway, I am tickled with it's function and if you should be so lucky enough to find something like this, I know you would be in heaven too!

Thanks for having a peak at my desk this week.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  The drawing will be on March 28th.  Good Luck!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shabby Chic

                 I managed to finish my shabby chic page tonight to share with you.  I'm doing a series with a group and the last page I did was a few posts ago.  This month the theme is flowers.  I had some torn fabric that I spiraled into a flower, then I spritzed them with some glimmer mist. As for the girl, I used pan pastels to shade and color.  The turquoise flowers were also colored in pan pastels while I cut the leaves from a textured chenille fabric. Pigma markers were used for definition.  It's hard to tell, but I used crystals in the flower centers to make it sparkle.  The edge of the page is finished with chalk ink as well as along the lace.  The lace is actually an old lacy curtain that I have cut and pulled the edges for a tattered look.

I also want to mention that I have a blogoversary coming up in less than a month!  I will come up with something soon for an oppertunity drawing.  This will be my 5th!  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

WOYWW/ In Deepest Sym-PAW-thy

In Deepest Sym-PAW-thy, we laid Murray to rest in our pet cemetery to pass on to rainbow bridge so he will join the rest of the magical cat family.  He will be sorely missed by my daughter, Kristi, her husband, Dustin and his adopted sister, Molly.  He is also survived by grammy Wanda, grandpa Rog and his little fur cousins, Ani, Nova, Cheddar, Bea, Tang, Azlan, Zack, Jack, Gray C., Gracie, Fritzie, Honey, Boa, Herky and Bisky.  He had many FURRRends and family who loved him.

In his memory, I played with some photos for all to enjoy! (See previous post for a link if you wish to try this on some photos yourself)