Monday, August 31, 2009

"Friendly" Give Away

I have a friend who is giving away an atc. If you have a moment, go sign up in her comment section. Let's fill up her comment section!!! Just click here!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Have your cake and eat it too!

I have had some requests for my mom's wonderfully rich, Put The Lime in The Coconut Cake, that won her top prize in the Saco contest last year, so I shall post a link *here* There are a couple of mouth watering recipes below the photos on that page. These are photos of my mom (Who is 73). I am proud of you mom, you made me the size I am today! lol

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nothin' Much!

I couldn't resist adding this, Just too funny and nothing much to say this time, but will add my piece I just finished up.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Is Your Muse Showing?

It's 2:30 A.M., do you know where your Muse is? I couldn't pass up a nice cool night to stay up and create. After all tomorrow is Saturday! I played with paper and fibers with a couple of new post cards to get out in the mail. This is Sweets, the sweet tooth fairy.

This is Moon Beam. With the exception of the felt moon, I created her entirely from items that friends have sent.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's.....weird!

It was getting dark but I grabbed my camera and headed over to the old house next door to get some shots as I saw Webster and Feathers fly over. I must admit, it does look pretty weird to have ducks on the house, but it did make for a great silhouette!

I knew it would be too late to run and get my tripod to get a better night shot for the exposure time before the two flew off, so I really did make a shot in the dark, so to speak and figured I would lighten it with a photo play on the computer. If you had followed my earlier post, you had known that Evinrude hadn't made it to the top..... well until now! Yep, he's on the roof with the girls! Yay! Congratulations little buddy! You made it!!!

Ironically, Earlier yesterday, I was working on a quilt, which also happened to be about flying.

Perhaps the feathered kids read it as an instruction manual. lol

No matter what the reason, I must say if there were to be a word for the day, I would have had to say fly. I even had to fly by the seat of my pants to get Suzan's airplane quilt done before she picked it up. For now, I can ease up on the throttle and regroup before I put the next quilt top on.

Monday, August 17, 2009

For Arts Sake

It has been crunch time working on trades and customer pieces. This ATC has some dimension with a folded message. I love doing ATC's and hope to get more done later next week or so.

This one opens up to reveal a message with a word for the day and other words that spin off from it.

In a swap I am in, I was to make a goddess doll for my partner. She's a Leo who likes aquas and corals. She is associated with a sun sign. I had made a toilet paper casting awhile back in a technique class and used a sun stamp as a mold. It was just perfect! The headdress has lots of tiny beads. I also made a face mold, painted it gold and it seemed to suit the goddess.

I added some feathers and beads for her body.

This was also made for a trade. The star was an applique piece that I sandwiched in with face and added embellishments with crystals. Somehow the icy blue seemed to need a little fur to make it complete.

The body was made from a skewer wrapped with batting and beads to secure it.

This is Suzan's quilt. She has such lovely bright colors! I guess you really can't see much of my quilting in this one except for the points. I ditched this quilt mostly, but used a bright neon varigated thread for the swirls in all of the stars. The ones that stand out of course are the solid looking ones with the red background.

This is Barbara's quilt. Unfortunately I didn't get another closeup of it before she picked it up. Don't you just love the colors? She likes them so much that she dropped me off another quilt to do in same colors! It certainly was one very busy week! I have another quilt on the machine calling my name now, so I must get ready for round two!

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's In The Stars!

A farie's work is never done! I just finished machine quilting Nancy's quilt. She did a Carol Doak paper piecing pattern of stars. She said she was tired of making small blocks so enlarged the ones for the center. They turned out wonderful and were fun to quilt in some swirls. She is giving this quilt away as a gift for someone special. The lucky recipient will certainly get to sleep under the stars!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Birds Eye View

It was an over cast day, but yet I decided to take my camera out to take some photos of Tikki sitting on the railing. She seemed to be more interested in something going on in the yard as she watched one of our ducks on the ground who seemed quite excited. I noticed that they were practicing flying earlier, but wouldn't get off the ground much. They had been quite hilarious to watch the past couple of days. Evinrude would take off running and get air borne for a short distance and land on the drive way.

Then I spotted Jack sitting on a chair, looking up at the roof of the old homestead where my husband grew up.

Feathers was on the roof as if to say cock a doodle doo, look what I can do!

Webster had joined her and they were busy checking out the birds nest where the eve had fallen off. It was going to be repaired this spring, but Rog didn't have the heart to do it until the little birds had left their nest. My thoughts are that these ducks are going to learn from them and by next spring, the ducks will have laid eggs on the roof! lol Actually it might be the smart thing, to keep the racoons out of them! Unfortunately Ivy had laid 18 more eggs and they were all gone before they could ever hatch. Sadly she has left and I think that her and Elmer have moved off into the the swamp pond to stay. We are down to 3 ducks now, as we gave 5 of the siblings away. It was for the fact, that we knew we would have more ducks, but lesson learned..... don't count your eggs before they hatch!

Well, So far Evinrude hasn't gotten the hang of flying very high. He chased Jack off the chair in hopes he can be just a bit closer to the girls. Perhaps I will have to put up a ladder for him! or have him read the book, The Fear of Flying! lol

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Business and Pleasure

Yesterday, we brought our granddaughter back home after having her for a week. She had a wonderful time especially shopping for school clothes with grandpa's money. lol We worked it into a business trip at the same time as there is a shop near by that wants some of my work in it that will open up in about a month, so I brought in some samples. She mainly wanted my ATC cards, postcards, purses and dolls, so guess I will have to get busy in between quilting for customers.

These pieces I machine quilted the background and added the paint for the hair after the fact. I liked how they turned out.

I also had to do some fairies. Love their little differences!

They are being put onto cards with sayings or greetings. I decided that I couldn't photograph them well until I had them out of the cellophane window.

I decided to try one with cards. For the birthday one, the cup cake foil is made from a gum wrapper.

Oh, and of course I couldln't help but add in a mermaid;)

Last night we stayed at the Hampton Inn and headed over to Lake Erie. Had to take a photo of the Marble Head light house. The views were gorgeous even though we hadn't the best of lighting. It was mostly over cast but did get the sun to peek out once in awhile.

I was most fascinated with the doors and windows.

Wouldn't they make great fairy doors?

There were a few people fishing off of the point. They were even catching fish, but nothing very big.

I love the texture that this photo has from the water, rock and the wonderful mossy greens floating under water.

I love this wonderful mariner's compass on the path. In fact it's one of my favorite quilt blocks along with NY beauty, pickle dish and others. I also love witch hats, fairy ears, pizza toe shoes, etc. It's all about the points! I would love to live somewhere near the waters, be it a lake, a sea or the ocean. Perhaps I was a mermaid in a former life, but I like being a woodland fairy too!