Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you that are mommies! Be it to children or 4 legged critters we are mommies to them all and I feel very blessed to have a son, a daughter, a step son, 1 grand daughter, 2 step grand daughters and 14 felines!

This year I was thrilled with the blooming of the biggest bunch of azaleas! It's actually been a rarity the past few years. The deer seem to have eaten the buds before they ever got a chance to bloom. I think what has changed is that we have had plenty of food in the woods and the meadows for the deer to eat and with the abundance of rain, that they have really flourished! I planted these azaleas many years ago for my father in law in honor of my mother in law and brother in law who had passed away. When my father in law passed away, they were doing very poorly, so I transplanted them along side of our front deck in better soil. I love the brilliant color!

It's been a beautiful day so I took a few outdoor photos of the kiddos. This is Tang.

This is my handsome Honey Boy!

This is my Ani girl!

Today I spent it working putting down an underlayment on my studio floors and preparation for painting. Hubby mowed the lawn and then we went to the Old Dutch for a buffet dinner. I was in the mood for broasted chicken! Then topped off with coconut cream pie! Yummy!

My step son, granddaughter and daughter all called to wish me Happy Mother's Day. Unfortunately my son never calls, sends a card or anything. It's all so sad as I always remember him. Maybe some day when I am gone, he will realize things I did and sacrificed for him. I guess a mother's job is never done!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seeing Blue and Green

Blues and greens have always been my favorite colors, but it seems it always changes in hue or value. Everything from electric blues, Navy, moss greens and chartruse. Lately the colors have gotten lighter and I love them too! I think we all go through different periods of our lives. I was contemplating on what color to do my studio in and I think that I shall be leaning on more of these colors. This quilt I had just finished quilting is for my friend Amy, who is due to have another grand daughter in a couple of weeks and these are the colors of her nursery.

These days I will be spending more time working on my own studio doing the walls and flooring, so will up date as I get time. Unfortunately no creative art to show for awhile, but looking forward to getting the house back together and showing you my studio soon!

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