Monday, October 27, 2008

Trick or Treat!!!

A lion tamer and two little lions

The nurse and the clown

A young future Logan cheerleader

Trick or Treat on Moore Rd.

Sunday was our neighborhood halloween trick or treat day. It was my favorite holiday when I was a kid! I loved to play dress up and run through the neighborhood at night with flashlights. Those times have changed to become safer for kids and even though it is just for a couple of hours and in the day light, it lets us have a better glimps of their costumes.

Even though those times are gone we can still have the oppertunity to get some FREE candy in a drawing on Oct. 31st. Feast your eyes on a chance to get some treats for all of you artists and crafters. Get some eye candy at a blog giveaway!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Catch Your Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year and is mostly lovely in the Hocking Hills. We usually go to the caves, but I had never been to Clear Creek and it isn't far from us! Not being a native to Ohio, I never really thought about it and asked my husband and he said he's been there many times, but had never taken me! So off we went on our fall adventure and it proved to be most gorgeous! I wanted to catch my fall as I know that it would be gone all too quickly!

I marvel at the beautiful tall trees of red, green, orange, yellows and gold. Having grown up in ND we see so much plains so this is an awesome sight!

In addition to trees, there is such wonder in the rocks formed by glaciers over time.

This is Written Rock which is made from sand stone. I marvel at it's awesome textures!

Some beautiful patterns at each area you view.

Just so much variety in the same rock!

Or you might find the rock in a forest covered with moss. Looks like a green creature!

I love viewing up through the magestic tree tops!

The woods also produce other funky looking creatures! Doesn't this look like a long slug or snake?

Here he is in full view

I am sure there are other creatures that lurk in the forest and only show themselves when they want to. This is a perfect home for the elves and faeries. I think If you look really close, you might even see some eyes peering out! Hmmm..... wonder if we would see some activity here especially on Halloween!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Memories Of the Past

I must admit I have had a blast from the past! I discovered a site that will allow you to change your hair style and format you into a yearbook. I found it very funny and even amazing while wearing the hairstyles that my mom, aunt and grandma wore. You can try it for your self here!

Here I am today! This is pretty much my own hairstyle. I do color my hair, so no, I'm not a blonde but I can act like one! ha

More of what my hair color use to be. I guess I don't look too bad with tight curly hair.

Wow, I look like a mushroom! ha ha ha

Now this is really trippy! Peace!

Well if this isn't just flippy! Funny thing is, it came back in style not too long ago, but didn't like it then or now!

I look at this picture and I see my grandma!

I look at this picture and I resemble my Aunt!

I look at this picture and I look much like my Mom!

This one reminds me of a teacher!

BUT WHAT IF I HAD BEEN A GUY.....................

Just call me porky or Butch. lol

Hmmm.... not bad!

I guess I could be handsome. lol

Then maybe NOT! (I'm dying laughing at this one! Looks like a guy I dated in high school!)

This is like my dad when I was born. He passed away 11 years ago, but I have fond memories of the past. This is for you daddy, I miss you so much!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Evil Eye

In a Fiber Art Trade that I am in, (F.A.T. for short) The theme is cats! Lord knows owning 7 of them that I could ship one out and never know it was missing! Oh sure, My fur kids can look very sweet and humble at times but they can also be two faced in more ways than one. One girl portrayed her kitties two faced so no doubt she is a bona-fide cat owner! One minute they are innocent and the next thing you know it, they are into something! I just caught Herky this morning up to no good!

He was blaming it onto Fritzie and I actually believe him as I have found her stealing my embellishments before. I buy them their own toys but never find them until one day while cleaning under large objects ( a rare occurrence) I found 54 fake mice and one fuzzy ball of yarn(I wondered where it went) under the sofa! It then occurred to me, the female cat was just like me! (while she is the only one that can crawl under the sofa), Here she had her own stash! OK Ok, we admit it, we both have a problem and now need to go to stashoholics anonymous (well maybe in her case.... anonymouse!) We must give to the less fortunate and I have... several bags of old fabric went to charities to make quilts with, before it all rotted away. Fritzie on the other hand had to share with the other 6 kitties. There, now we feel better! Right Fritzie? (Somehow I am getting the evil eye)

Well on to creating my cat! I know we all get inspirations on things we create. Perhaps a word or a photograph or even daily events will trigger our muse. For me, we had recently been to the Lancaster fair. It's my favorite as it is the last one of the season and I love the fall air, the smell of fried onions, the popcorn and the cotton candy!

Well speaking of candy.... I caught some eye candy with one of the rides called Pharaoh's Fury! It was very dramatic in color which caught my interest, but as I pondered on it, it occurred to me, why not do an Egyptian cat for the trade! I started sketching.

And gathered other photos for elements and started my quest for my traded cat.

I worked in the pharaohs stripes in the ears and the wings, that lead me to my finished piece.... and oh, yes, Miss Fritzie contributed too, with that evil eye!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I Need Therapy!

toothpaste for dinner

My husband had a meeting to attend in Columbus this week so I tagged along with him and went to a quilt shop to see if I could teach there. The shop owner was very interested in what I teach, however it wouldn't be until January, before she could set anything up and even then It seems that their class attendance has been down. In fact they were offering 5 free classes this month to jump start and sell their supplies. Everything that I could teach would have to be geared for class supplies that they could sell.... beads, trims, timtex, angelina, paints, dyes, yarns. I could get quite a few things thought out, but if it is like anyone else, they will try to use what they have in their stash so it may not be to her advantage on smaller projects. A Large quilt class would perhaps be better selling more yardage of goods and especially kit wise. Even then the turn out won't be like it once was. I think we are in it for the long haul with the economy. Something is going to have to give at some point though. Fabrics, trims and notions are so expensive any more that I think people are more or less making do or going without. I walked into Jo Ann's. It had been awhile since I had been to one and they had a super store in Columbus. I felt like a kid in a candy store! I wanted some trims and they were all 40% off, but even then I was very selective in what I bought and even just half yards. Perhaps a good thing that I am sewing small these days! One trim I fell in love with was over $11.00 a yard, so I quickly had to fall out of love. I decided $3.95 a yard was the highest I would go and then it had to be 40% off of that. So my $20.00 bill stretched just a little. All in all, it is not only my recreation and entertainment, but is also my therapy so perhaps a real bargain at that.