Friday, April 27, 2007

Men Are From Mars And Quilts Are From Venus!

Time has really gotten away from me as usual to update . I had quilted a quilt for a friend of mine and decided to play with it in a couple of different computer programs. They turned out pretty awesome! The last one reminds me of planets so hence the name I chose... Men are from Mars and Quilts are from Venus!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Runs With Scissors!

EXTRA EXTRA read all about it......
Grandma lets granddaughter run with scissors!

Yep, it's true! There is no type O in this ad! I am actually letting my granddaughter run with scissors and I am here to explain.....

It all started with this grandma looking for a a good pair of embroidery ones and ending up with several due to confiscations by TSA. Obviously I would never use a tenth of what I have and there are SEVERAL good pair! Yes, sure, I could resell myself, but the youngest granddaugther wanted to earn some extra money for horseback riding and other fun things that she would want to do this summer. I figure I got what I wanted from my bargain purchase, so I would let her run with the idea and sell for her profits! It would also teach her how to run a small business at a young age.

So here's the package deal: Purchase a pair and you will also get a scissor and needle caddy kit designed by this grandma. It includes the fabric (specify one or two color choices and Kitana will do her best to choose for you! She will also pick out a nice pair of scissors, add a pattern, package it into a bubble package and mail to you. The cost is $6.00 and includes the postage!!! The scissors alone retail for $7.99. Yes, the scissors have been used, but each are tested to be sure they cut those threads for your projects. If you want more than one kit, we will adjust the postage refund or give a quote post to So now won't you help a 10 year old out with her business adventure? Send a check or money order to

Kitana's Kits
% Wanda Stivison
PO Box 11
Union Furnace, OH 43158

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Five Flowers One Garden

I have been enjoying working on my little postcards as it gives me a chance to work with a small piece inbetween other projects and actually look like I have something finished! I initially started with working with "studies" of the same flower but used different techniques and/ or fibers to finish them. The total piece was not the vision I had when I started, but somehow it all came together and had more significance when it was done. The first two flowers on the left side were painted with synthetic dyes and I used synthetic fibers to transfer the dyes onto. The top fabric is crepe backed satin and the lower one is a faux suede of some sort. Both came from the same transfer, but reacted differently with the background. The one in the center is a combination of commercial prints and solids with acrylic paints. The upper right is Crayograph Prang crayons and lumieres on a navy and green batik background. The lower right is a fabric paint with glitter on a commercial background. They were each lovely on their own, but while getting ready for a gallery display , the art gals in my group thought perhaps I should hang the post cards up for sale in one big sleeve. As I thought about it, I started playing and got an inspiration to make it into one piece instead of them becoming individual cards! The cards themselves reminded me of seed packets and I started playing with the stems until they made my garden. It reminded me that we are all from different backgrounds and makeup, yet we share the same ground!