Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fascinated/Faucetnated WOYWW


Well as you can see Honey cat is in charge on my desk this Wednesday. Not much going on so he is guarding it for safe keeping and holding down the papers in case a tornado were to pass through any minute now!

I did get some wonderful little postage art card in the mail this past week. In an online group I am in, we were "stamp"ing on little art cards to make a booklet with. We could use one or more postage stamps on the face of our work. These are some of what I traded. Note on the bottom left, I am again using disgarded items. The tassles on the hat are actually pencil shavings glued on.
Here are what I had gotten back in the trade.

Steering away from the desk, you are getting another bit of a tour this week, as we must go through my kitchen to see what else I have been working on this week. In the far corner beyond the fridge is where the computer is where we had last been. It's a shame that it separates my long arm area. I keep thinking we should gut out the kitchen, make it all work area and put in a vending machine and trash can! Sounds like a plan to me! Who likes to clean the kitchen anyway? My sink is in the center island. although it seemed cool when we got the house 11 years ago, I often thought it sure would make for a nice cutting table and that sink is certainly in the way for that!

One thing that I do have is lots of cupboards and cabinets. Also lots of collectable junk! lol I collected lots of copper when we lived over seas along with other antique things. I even have a propeller off of my dad's airplane that he made. Yup, it's a real propeller that he built for one of his one seater experimental air craft. It's one of my favorite found memories I have of him that he hand carved. You can see it in the far corner of the past photo. I sure miss my dad, he was so wonderful with building things.

I do have a new toy in my kitchen! I use to have a two handled faucet and hated it! We had to have the plumber come in to do other work so had the single lever installed. I am so thrilled and the cats are facinated (or should I say faucetnated?)

Bisky is the first to try out the new contraption!

o.k. so I got a little side tracked. I tell you, the kitchen is just in the way. Too many temptations past the refrigerator. lol Anyway, at the end of the kitchen, you can see where my long arm machine is. Yup, it was the dining room. As you see, I have a quilt on the machine that I had been working on. I am so excited to see it when I get it off of the machine.

It has been on the machine for the past three days and I am so close to being done! I hope to have this off within the next hour to post, so this will remain in my draft folder for the moment before I hit publish.

O.K. finally got it finished in time for today! Yippie!!! Here's a little teaser of the corner.

I am photographing this while on my machine so you aren't quite seeing it all. Can you tell I am a fan of feathers? I love it when a customer lets me have my way with it:) This is Lacine's beauty.

Look at all of her flower varieties!

Each corner also has a different block

I shall have to wait until my hubby comes home from work to help me get a full shot of the quilt. It's a difficult task when the quilts get so large. Even to photograph them on the clothes line doesn't quite cut it. I will insert it yet onto this post when it is ready.

In the mean time, I also finished the other quilt that I had on the machine last week. Sorry didn't get a great shot as I didn't have good lighting that day.

I also finished 2 other quilts that are Lacine's. This was the smallest one that quilted up very quickly.

Then she had this stunning red, black and white quilt.

Don't you just love the sashing?

Well, that's all of the eye candy for this week. I will take a breather, regroup and get another quilt on the machine this week. In the mean time, if you are starved for more. You can check out my website for more great pieces.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How Do I measure up? WOYWW

This Wednesday, My work area is in several areas, much like me. I seem to bounce from one project to another so have several things going at once. Today I am working on a quilt on my long arm machine.... ahemmm..... or am trying to. As you can see, I have my apprentice here who seems to know more about these things than I do. This is Boa, (as in feathered boa) who is so soft and fluffy and likes to curl around your neck. AKA " snaggle puss" as he is always trying to grab out for you when you walk by as if he were playing tag. O.K. Boa, you have had your 15 min. of fame so I am off to show what else I am working on.

Well as I was saying, I am taming a quilt on this monstrosity machine.

The pattern is a busy one, so you aren't seeing really as much work with the thread, but it really is there! You can however see it more on the solid fabric.

Lots of thread and lots of choices hanging on my wall. These are just some of them.

Meanwhile, at the worktable from last week, I have tiddied up a bit and since then gotten some mail art in. Remember the hands from my earlier post that I did? Well, I had gotten in my trades back from the mail. It was suppose to go into a hand journal, but the hands were just so varied in sizes, that I decided to post them on my cabinet. I think they look pretty good there so that I can view them often. They are also reversable, so I guess if I get tired of one side, I can turn them over.

Note also I have my little photo album on the table that I have been filling with ATC's that I have made and have gotten in the mail too. The top shelf on my work area is a reserved area penthouse for my assistant. I love my area corner where I can pull out an extra table area (where the basket is) when I need it, but can just slide it back when not in use. Just about all of the furniture you see here, I have purchased at yard sales! The "desk" is a kitchen table I got several years ago. The shelf area where the paints are on, are actually stackable units I think that were used in closets for shoes. The cabinet on the left was actually a microwave cabinet I paid $20. for. One of my favorite functional pieces! The bottom of it has all of my rubber stamping supplies. My kitchen is huge, so I have utilized this area for more work space for me.
The black tray was brand new, still in the box from a yard sale. It was a unit that you actually were to attach to the side of a drafting table. I had it attached to the shelf and it has provided a nice handy supply area for me. They run about $25.00 and I paid $4.00!
I also have some projects going on, that are sitting at my sewing area. 6 of these are from trades while the rest are ones that I made. Rather rustic with all of those wonderful hand stitches. These are done Teesha Moore style. You can click on her link for a tutorial.

Even by machine, you can get a rustic quality! I am thinking I should add some of this in the piece too!

I also ran across some of these textures that I may put in. The two on the right, I recycled from some shirts. I am not sure where I am going with all of these pieces yet. It could be a journal cover or perhaps even a tote bag. I guess you will just have to stay tuned!

Further on past my paper working area, is my sewing area and you can see where I am posting to you from my computer. BTW the desk the computer is on was a $5.00 yard sale find, the black cabinet to the right was $15.00, the cabinet to the right of the sewing table was a thrift store $49. find. The cabinet just beyond the desk was from an auction in England when we lived there. I think the only new furniture is the Koala cabinet my sewing machine sits in and the chairs.

In the next room is more work area. The table was an old drafting table my husband had purchased at a military base silent auction many years ago for $20.05. lol It sure makes for a wonderful cutting table with ample room to store cabinets underneath it. Note, my assistant is also in the corner supervising this area too!

Looking back you can see how all of this area is tied in. As you can see my bigboard ironing table is loaded with stuff that needs to be put away!

To the right of the photo you just viewed is more storage and junk. The table is temporarily there full of stuff that needs to be organized and put away.

This is the view you see across from the cutting table. The center shelving unit came from a Big Bear store that was going out of business. I also got the baker's racks behind this unit from there too.

This wood cabinet was a cabinet I purchased when we lived in England.
The white bins are filled with fat quarter fabrics in color families.

I have had a great mail week also, as I won on Diana Boiston's blog! She sent me some silks and silk dyes and embellishments all the way from England! WOW, I am going to have fun with this! Thanks so much Diana! What a treasure! Be sure to check out her blog too! My husband is especially excited about the neck tie since it will be for him! lol I use to make lots of neck ties for him and he would pick out the fabric and pay for it. I would tell him that it was going to take 10 yards of fabric to make a neck tie just so I would have just a "little extra scrap" left over. hee hee How is that for sneaking in extra measured stash! It is too tempting to open up the packages and start playing this very moment, but seems I have a quilt on the frame yet that is calling my name that needs to be finished. Perhaps I can show some finished works soon though with all of the lovely new found dyes.

It's off to work I go, but hope you have enjoyed the shop and studio tour!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Edit Complete!

I just joined a (WOYWW) "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday" after a comment from a previous post. How fun to take a peek and see what others have on their desks and in the works! Well if you go back a post, you will see that I have a piece finished and I am working on finishing 7 more of the same ATC's for a trade with my online art group. So my desk is filled with paint bottles at the moment. O.K. you aren't seeing the WHOLE desk. I spared you the details of me having taken my bra off in the heat and let it lay, but I guess some of you know that I am already a little wild and free! LOL (hmmm..... I am off to checking out the photo again in case I get a glimpse of me and the "girls" running loose in a reflection. hmmm.... nope.... it's safe to hit publish post. Edit complete!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Stuck Up

The theme for this month's ATC was favorite quote. I used my hand from the journal I had just completed and reduced it and printed on fabric. I fused it to a canvas I had painted years ago. I had also saved a collection of paint that would be stuck on the opening of my acrylic bottles that I would peel off. Most would have not gotten why I would want to save them, but I saw them as works of art. Now that I have placed them in the hand as a bouquet of flowers, people would "get it" the second time around.

Yes, I save the darnest things and am glad for it as my muse usually finds something to do with it. I had an old rubber door mat that was getting pretty bad. All of the nubs were worn off of the front and of course the sun had dried it up making it easy to tear, but I found potential for life in it yet, as the bottom of the matt looked like it could be soles of shoes! So I set out to cut them up in that shape. You see this past month the theme was "things that bug me". I picked up on one of the little things in life that bug me and it is enivitably to wear my magnetic gum shoes to find that one piece on hot pavement that someone had thrown out. I also used peeled paint for the technique. I poured some out on a piece of plastic to peel off and then glue to the shoe bottom.

Miss Bea seems to be asking if there is anything on her favorite pair of shoes too!

"No, Miss Bea, I don't wear my kitty slippers outside, but don't leave me anything to step in either!"

Friday, August 13, 2010

You Can Find It On The Web!

This morning when I woke up I went to let one of the cats outside and looking through my door window and found that this female garden spider hanging on the back door window. I went through the front door so that I could get a shot of the front of her. She's an ordinary garden spider and must have been lost as we certainly don't have a garden, so the joke is on her! LOL I remember seeing one of these for the first time about 12 years ago and it scared the crap out of me! Still, spiders are kind of creepy at that, but the coloration on this one and the infamous zipper looking web, I find it quite fascinating too. At first I thought it was going to attack me as the web kept moving back and forth as if she were going to spring out or something. Instead, I think she thought my camera was prey.

This is his underside shot from through the window, so not quite as clear.

I also shot another from the front with a different setting so you can see the "zipper" web better.
To learn more about this species of spider, you can find it on the web here, of course!