Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How to have a meltdown

At the request of another quilting art friend, I have decided to post the makings of one of my postcards that I had entered into the art card event. It was a fun process and can be quite addicting in experimentation. Below are the steps I did to make the post card. I am missing a few steps but you will soon figure it out when I explain it. I started with drawing out a design on a recycled tyvek envelope that I marked with a water soluable marker. Then I cut out a peltex piece post card size and fused on black fabric as my background. (a step not photographed) I laid the tyvek on top and stitched through all layers. Then I used Dye Na Flo and colored in the areas with a mop brush. I let it dry and then took a heat gun and melted away as much as I wanted to and even some as much as I didn't want to! lol (Notice I was too busy melting away to get a photo of this step!) I also melted angelina between teflon sheets and cut out any extra designs I wanted to add and stitched them with metallic thread. Lastly I fused crystals on and satin stitched the edges with rayon thread. I entitled this piece Galactic Melt down.


cat in tassie said...

Having a lovely time reading through your blog. Seeing all your luscious fabrics reminded me why I love playing with dyes. It's coming up to summer down here in Oz so it will soon be dyeing weather!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I love your Galactic Meltdown! Thank you for the tutorial. I have not tried the use of Tyvek or a heat gun yet, but am inspired to try! I love reading your blog posts.

Lynn Douglass said...

I've had some fun playing with tyvek and a heatgun, and now I want to do more. Really enjoyed looking through your work, and especially loved the photograph of the fabric hanging on the line with the flowers in the foreground. Great picture!