Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Father Time has told me it's about time I update my blog!
Before I get too far behind, I did promise to put up some photographs of things I did, Many were Christmas gifts and had to wait until they were opened, so as not to spoil the surprise. I finished a quilt for a customer that was to be a gift. I love bright colors and this pattern called Rotura gives it a neat ethnic feel. I have another quilt I finished up. As soon as I get the binding on, I shall photograph. OHHH did I tell you I got a new camera for Christmas? I am sure you can tell which photos were done with the new camera! I am so excited to have better color and detail!

I also made some ornaments and many opened to reveal a hiding place for something to tuck in. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the inside of square one after it was finished. I added two pieces of felt squares and sewed it along the diagonal and it would become not only an ornament but a needle case. I also added a pair of embroidery sissors on a beaded fob and some extra needles and beads for the recipient to use the ornament/case all year round. In the smaller pieces, I added some small bead packets.

I also made other types of small enclosures for gifts as well as business card holders that when you pull the string the card pops up as if by magic. This concept was by a dear friend that owns the Fiber Art Trader group, Norma Jean Brevik. I made up my own ideas for the cards. Some were fancy stitched, some were done with beads while others with tatting. While I take credit for the designs, my friend Peggy Crosby does the lovely tatting. I know how to crochet, but never have picked up the knack to tat.

I also got some wallets and purses made for gifts. This first one with the horses was for my aunt who lives in Montana and barrel races, so I felt this one was fitting for her:)

This one I made for my youngest sister. It's on the order of a chinese takeout box.

Don't you just love this center draw bag? It was a bugger to figure out, but I love it! I can hardly wait to make one for myself!

A wallet I designed. I photographed it earlier, but coloration wasn't as good so I am glad to try again with my new camera. This time you can see the back of it.


morningDove said...

beautiful gifts; you are an amazing artist. love all the color in every gift. The drawstring bag is so cute. glad i received one of these special gifts from you.

leah said...

Wow, Wanda Love the bag and the colors. You did and awesome job!
Love the wallets too, especially the last one. Thanks for showing!

kiwicarole said...

Happy New Year to you too Wanda!! I love the quilt!! Great colours, and a feast of other delicious things to view!

Patty Skypants said...

OMG! These are GLORIOUS!! You are too much, my dear! Happiness, health, prosperity and more creativity in 2009"! xxoo Patty

Marloes said...

What a beautiful gifts you made!!I am sure everybody loved it.

Lin Neiswender said...

Thank you for you kind comments on my blog. You must miss your Lacey too.

You are a very gifted fiber artist. Your quilts are fabulous! I absolutely *heart* that peacock bag too. I have a thing for peacocks so I was oo-ing and ah-ing...