Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Vikings, The Packers or the Ark

I have spent the past couple of days getting the stroller and carrier ready for my niece's baby. Certainly a transformation from the plaid in the previous post. I also found a Minnesota Vikings outfit! She's going to flip! I originally went looking for lavender Minkee fabric to use in the pieces, but none could be found in Columbus anywhere! Seems to be pink, dark pink, yellow, blue, green, navy, red, brown and white, but no lavender! I did find I could get some on ebay, but not enough time to order it and get it done in time before I left for home, so I decided I needed to be frugal anyway and I had an old chenille spread and some yellow orange sheets that were like t shirt knit fabric that needed to be recycled. I figured if I found any lavender anything I would be doing good, so settled on this slight tie dye fleece. It happened to be on sale for $4.99 a yard for 60" wide so decided to get 3 yards. There was a yard and 5/8's left on the bolt, so the clerk told me I could have the rest for half off of that even, so sure, why not! I covered both pieces and had enough to make a baby fleece and a lap fleece for momma. The old sheet was backed with flannel and I ran yellow serger thread around it to make several burp cloths. I serged the blanet fleece with yellow thread. I also made a crib bumper pad! (not shown) In spite of the dark photo, it all really does look good. If I have time, I would like to make a ruffled lavender piece under the bonnet and just hand sew or hot glue it in.

Well I hope all fits well in their Minnesota Vikings themed room. My niece and my daughter are the same age. My daughter and her husband like the Green Bay Packers. She saw a mobile with teddy bears with footballs and Green Bay shirts and helmets, She was thinking of getting it for them as a joke. LOL Personally, since my niece and her husband live in ND, I think that it would have been appropriate to have gone with a Noah's Ark theme with all of the flooding ! hee hee

Well, I have to do some packing before I go home to visit. I feel badly for my youngest sister dealing with the flood issues in Fargo. She has been stranded on a "island" since the 21st of March. I am hoping that she will be able to get out soon. I think one needs to do a Survivor show of Fargo. Sis says she is out of underwear. hmmm..... I wonder if we could send in a helicopter for a drop shipment? lol


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hey, we're sin-twisters...ok, twin sisters...I am an Emperess too! Great minds think alike, right?