Sunday, May 23, 2010

Creative Juice

Well, haven't had a chance to post my metal pieces yet as I am still working on some, but in the mean time, to show you that I am still busy creating, I have posted some new eye candy. In the past 10 days, I have finished machine quilting almost 4 quilts and worked on some letters. I hadn't decided if the letters would become part of a chunky book or a banner, but I am leaning on towards the later. These were so much fun to do!

Give me a "C"

Give me an "R"

Give me an "E"

Give me an "A"

Give me a "T"

Give me an "E"

What does that spell?

Since these are 4 X 4's, I was thinking that they would make a great chunky book, but, remember that shelf that hubby just put up? I am thinking of using it as a banner to run across the top. Instead of making a swag, I may do it differently since the charms on each of the blocks are different so they will hang funny if they do, so may either use 2 way sticky tape to hang from the edge or what if I suspend each from chains or rope attached to it's own shelf scarf? Any other ideas? What would you do?

I did a bit of recycling with some charms that I made. I wished that I would have taken a photo of it before, but will describe it to you. I had these ugly earrings that were made of a checkered fabric. There were 3 round pieces. two with that fabric and one shiny black one. The black one took on a life of its own and is actually hanging from the "C". The fabric ones, I repainted and added lobster claws for a trade. Now I love them! I used one in the first "E". Seemed fitting as it reminds me of hypnosis!

I also finished machine quilting these quilts. I love the colors on this one! I am partial to hand dyes and batik fabrics. I did an all over freehand design on this one.

This is the back of the quilt

I love the colors in this one, so nice and soft looking. I used an all over panto pattern called feather me. It's one of my favorites!

This is a 4 patch done stack and whack style. It didn't photograph well on the clothes line because of the trees and time of day.

I had hubby hold it up from the deck. This is the back. I love seeing the backs more than the fronts!

Well, I have one more quilt on the machine about 3/4's finished, so I had best get back at it as I promised it for tomorrow, so back to creating art and stitches!


PeggyR said...

Girl you have been busy! I love the 4x4s and charms. While you've been inside I've been out still trying to get the yard in order.

DAnna Lawson said...

All I can say is...."Oh My!" The letters are fabulous - I think the banner idea is a good one, that way they can be seen together. And your quilts are gorgeous - what a lot of quilting!

Fantastic projects.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Totally awesome post!!!! CREATE joy and make every day an art day! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Edzellinni said...

whoa baby! do you ever sleep? love the 4x4 letters, love the crazy earrings turned into charms, luv the quilts, especially the 4 patch. Can you help me think of something to do with my stash of original fabrics I printed thru spoonflower? I am blanking out on what to make with them...

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Those 4 x 4 's are great. They will really make a lovely banner for your art room. :)
The quilts are beautiful too. The back of that quilt is lovely!


Reflections of life and art said...

The 4x4 charms are great as a banner...I think they show off more than in a thoughts only.
Did you free hand the letters?
The quilts are've been a very busy gal!!

Deborah said...

I think they make a great banner!

Sparkster said...

Those quilts are so beautiful! Man oh man to have your skills in that area.

The 4x4's are just...creatively amazing and I love the idea of them as a banner. I did a banner with the word "Art" to put above my workspace a little over a year ago but it is nothing so spectacular as what you did. I didn't even think to do it in that manner and boy oh boy do I wish I had!!! They sure made me smile.

Faith, trust, and faerie dust~


Thanks gals. Yes, the letters are free handed. Years ago I worked for a company and would do signs for companies and rodeo posters.
Sparkster, you can always make another banner. lol I think that I will have to do ART now. As I will have room on my shelf.

Patty Skypants said...

OMG, Wanda!! I am GIDDY with love for the C-R-E-A-T-E! honest to God, LOVIN IT!!! xxoo Patty

Pam said...

You've done it again. Your 4 x4's leave me at a lost for words. But I'll give it a try: awesome, spectacular, wonderful, imaginative, beautiful, lovely, ..........
They are GREAT!

Lovely quilts also.

purplepaint said...

Oh your quilts are fabulous!!! And I love the charms! How cool! Marva

Mary said...

Hi Wanda!

Thanks for visiting my blog, sharing your comments, and becoming a follower! You will have so much fun working on your cloth and clay doll. I had never worked with clay before and really enjoyed it.

OMG! Your quilting is just gorgeous! The quilting patterns you select to showcase each quilt really sets them off beautifully!

Had a great visit today peeking into your creative window!


a.m. design said...

I love the all white back. So detailed by simple & refreshing.
-Hotcakes on SB