Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Best Things Are Free!!!

The best things in life are free..... Free to explore, free to do and free as in a...... give away!

I was contacted and won the free earring give away! YIPPIE! They are so lovely too and hand made! Check out Patricia Wood and her Etsy store! Awesome! I seldom win anything, so I was so thrilled beyond belief! Aren't these just the coolest!

I am also making today a free day. A what ever I want to do day. I spent the morning painting and getting some pieces off in the mail for swaps and ran into town to bring hubby's lunch.

This was an ATC swap with the theme peacocks. I made her interactive

Bringing out the side pieces, she is in full bloom showing off her feathers.

But when you turn her upside down with her head facing her feathers, you can pull more pieces out to reveal the rest of her joints and she becomes a queen dressed in lovely feathers.

I believe she can actually fly! LOL I am facinated by things that fold up and can be transformed.

I also made flat ATC's. This one I entitled "Strange Bird". She was a strange bird who really knew how to kick up her heels.

Then I couldn't resist making a colorful sea creature. Can you see I am digging these colors lately?

Then decided to work with some faces.

I cut out some magazine features and had fun with a whimsical borderline scarry ugly cat! I even have it up for adoption! lol

I am also working on some folk art looking pieces. Not sure if it will be a journal cover or something else. 6 of these will be traded out, so I shall look forward to seeing what I get back. These are in the style of Teesha Moore!

Here is what I just finished up this evening. These are 2 inch by 3 inch pieces that will compile a postage stamp book that will be bound after they are all swapped. There are 6, so you are viewing front and back sides.

And lastly, I whipped this up this morning. A caddy for an emery board. I am always misplacing mine along with the clippers. Thought that these would make nice little quick gifts.

It has been a fun productive week. I guess I need to break down and regroup and clean! Not every thing is free....... My house is far from being spot free!


Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Your folk art pieces are lovely, very tactile.

PeggyR said...

Oh lucky you! One of the giveaways I entered, the gal never followed through with what I was suppose to get. So it's kind of hard for me to trust giveaways again. I would love a day for me! Good news though Norm will be home at the end of the month...

Suzanne Thomsen Newsome said...

ooooh, these colors are inspiring! and I love your peacock queen!!

Janine said...

These are all wonderful pieces, but your stitched goodies are devine!

Patricia Wood said...

Thanks for posting a picture of the earrings:) Take care!!!


C.S. Alexis said...

Love the blog, love your fold out transformation, it is all about the love!

Lisa Fibers Creations said...

I love this Wanda, is there a pattern or did you make it cute i would love to make one!!!! miss you!!!!hugs Lisa

Patty Skypants said...

Visiting your blog is like an ART CLASS for me! Yay! LOVE the emery board/clippers cozy! Reminds me that I hafta make a Waterpik cozy. Wish me luck! xxoo Patty