Saturday, September 4, 2010

Three Sheets To The Wind

O.K. well not exactly sheets, but there is a bit of a breeze today, so to photograph quilts hanging on the line, took some synchronized planning. I shouldn't really complain though as the cooler weather is a welcomed sight compared to 90 plus temp. the past few weeks. On the plus side of the hot days, I have enjoyed machine quilting in comfort of air conditioning. Here are a few quilts I have just finished up in the past couple of days.

This is a close up of the Hidden Wells quilt pattern done in batiks by Suzan. Isn't it scrumptious? I used a Rotura pattern on it. It's one of my favorite designs. Has sort of a tropical feel to it.

I am not sure what the pattern name is on this quilt, but it looks like some sawtooth stars. I love the multicolors with such soft botanical prints.

This last quilt is Ruth's in bold colors with a primitive or country feel.

Lastly, I did get some photos of Lacine's basket quilt that I took a photo of on the wall at the retreat house. I should have had help hanging it as it was a bit of a stretch for me even on the stair stool.

More close up shots.

This evening, I have planned to work on a dragonfly quilt, so time for a treat as hubby and I are doing DQ, so I don't have to mess up the kitchen and cut into my quilting time. lol I guess we all have our priorities and things we like to do best. My mom loves to cook and bake, my aunt loves to clean, my dad loved to create things from wood, photography and air craft, as for me, sewing and art are my thing. I suppose if you think of it, we can all get three sheets to the wind with our passions.


madebyKarla said...

Your quilts are so amazing! I love the basket one and the one with the country feel to it. so beautiful! Thanks for the tip on how to stuff the jell-o boxes! I was wondering how to do it!

mustavcoffee said...

I'm knocked out by the standard of these quilts, amazing, so detailed and did I say amazing, yeah :D xx

PeggyR said...

The quilts are lovely. Isn't this weather wonderful!

Carola Bartz said...

All these quilts are so beautiful. It always amazes me how someone has the patience to put these together, to choose the colors and fabrics and then actually sit down and sew it all... A real work of art.

Pam said...

Wanda the quilts are lovely and so are your quilting designs. Thanks for sharing. (I'm a little disappointed however. I expected to see you passed in the yard - three sheets to the wind!)

Sarpreet said...

Gorgeous selection of quilts, lovely colours,thank you for visiting my blog