Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Foolish Retreat

Our retreat this spring was another grand time for our group. It happened to fall on the weekend of April Fool's Day, so couldn't help but have fun in a crazy sort of way. Some found themselves sleeping in beds with Easter grass under the covers at the end of their feet. hee hee

We played a game and everyone got a gift. They could either keep their gift or trade it away for someone else's. They would either find an april fool's note in it or something really nice. Sheryl ended up with a quilter's "stash"!

While Kris got patchwork with a "Y" seam (a thong!). LOL Here she proudly displays it as a beard!

Other foolery gifts included a sucker born every minute with a sucker as the gift, One note said Holy Mackeral, I've been April fooled, with a can of Mackerl of course while another note said Holy Cow, I've been April fooled. The gift was a miniature cow on a key chain that moos and lights up, also a package of powdered milk saying, "got milk?" Many got wonderful gifts of fabric and notions and the second day the ones that got April fooled, did get a nice gift after the fact.

We had a few more new faces at the retreat this time. We would get together in the enclosed glass eating area on the deck.
from bottom left with the green shirt back facing towards me is Bonnie and going around clockwise is Irene wiping her face, then Kris, Kathie, Sherry, Lee, Lucille, Sandy and Lesa.

The retreat house is run by two nuns. Sister Muriam on the left and Sister Henrita on the right.

In between all of the Tom foolery, we did manage to get some work done.

This is Bonnie working on her bargello while Sheryl looks on.

Sheryl was working on a gorgeous 9 patch quilt in an awesome setting!

Kris was working with Civil War type fabrics in a gorgeous design.

Lee and Lucille were both working with hand work.

Kathie was working on a green turning twenty quilt.

Irene was working with 30's fabrics while Lesa worked with fabrics more bold with a Karen Stone pattern.

I even managed to get some things finished! Lots of half square triangles made up in lemon and berry colors, yummy! The blocks were all trimmed making all of these wonderful piles of strips.

The quilt top I finished was one that was made for the Stephanie Spielman breast cancer auction in Columbus. It reminds me of Raspberry Lemonade! SO if life gives you lemons.....

I also was able to finish the binding on this quilt during the retreat too!

We are looking forward already, to the retreat at the end of Sept. A couple of days just isn't enough so we are going to add one extra day to arrive on a Thursday. Looking forward to another awesome retreat!

With the busy weekend, it is now time to rest and relax to take a vacation from our vacation! Seems Boa needs to do the same.


Netty said...

Wow these quilts are totally awesome. You all obviously had a great time. Annette x

Mya said...

Having a group of like minded gals gathering for quilting retreats sounds like a lot of fun. The quilts you showed are gorgeous, and it sounds like you did get much accomplished.

Deborah said...

A good time and gorgeous quilts, too! Looks like a lot was accomplished amidst the fun. Sweet little kitty.

Pam said...

What a fun time you all must have had at the retreat. Love the theme.

Pattyskypants said...

Boa! U has found THE RIGHT SPOT for kitteh dreamin'!! Wanda, we need to figure out a way to "use" those wonderful, colorful, textural piles of fabric "shavings." They are so pretty!! All the ladies' quilts were VERY cool! Can't wait to see what happens in September!! xxoo Patty

creativedawn said...

Thanks for sharing your retreat. The quilts look awesome! Love them all; fav would have to be that very bright Karen Stone quilt and oh I do love your Raspberry Lemonade Delight!