Friday, June 17, 2011

What's In Your Garden?

Besides vegetables and flowers, there have been a few other critters lurking. The squirrel appears to be checking out something on the ground while Ani checks out the squirrel. Actually the the squirrel is quite dead. Boa was quite proud of his prize catch. I am glad to say that he wasn't the original hunter as rigor mortis had set in, so who knows what had sealed his fate. The cats are always bringing home prezzies just for me! Ani brought home a garden snake last week! Sends the chills up and down my spine as I am not fond of snakes no matter if they are harmless! A snake is a snake!

On the other hand, I don't mind it when a box turtle comes crossing the yard. He was awhile in crossing and I had really wondered if the turtle made it to the shadows or the shadows met the turtle!

While waiting for my sunflowers to grow, I have worked on some indoors! I made this quilt for a donation for The Pet Orphanage. I have the sleeve yet to put on it and have the binding nearly finished. We shall soon be selling raffle tickets! If anyone is interested in helping raise funds for us, it's greatly appreciated! Tickets are $1. each or 6 for $5. We are also selling tickets on an ipad drawing at $5. each. You have a chance to win one of three prizes, an ipad, an ipod or a DVD player!

Yesterday, we spent the evening at the Washboard Festival in Logan, Ohio. It's a fun street fair with good music, food and fun for all.

A rain shower dampened the evening for a short while, but then the sun appeared before it went down.

Kitana went to have a henna tattoo

The design was pretty cool!

As for my studio, I am making some progress finally! I have just finished mudding all of the walls in preparation for painting. I hate all of the dry wall dust and perhaps why I have procrastinated! Well, that and the fact that I had to have help getting some furniture moved! I am hoping the next steps will go a bit faster. It will be a race between me and the weeds growing in the garden. Stay tuned to see who wins!


Janine said...

Oh dear poor squirrel. I have to killer-cats too, who used to bring me some horrifying presents. But now they are old and lazy. Have a great weekend

Lelia said...

thx for swinging by my blog. I'm new with tatting. I do enjoy the free classes

every week - there is also one for beginners if you are interested

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Wish one of my cats would cause the squirrel in our yard to move on...all the way gone!

Pattyskypants said...

Rachel used to catch voles and moles; Sofie was our squirrel and snake hunter. Both passed over the Rainbow Bridge and Bhu could care less about going outside for a face-to-face with any of the outside critters!! Once Sofie brought in a little garter snake which was still quite alive and Bhu just sat there and looked at it, barely curious!! xxoo Patty

joe said...

Meh! Makes me glad my cattyface is in indoor booger with no claws! Though, that didn't stop him from trouncing a mouse that tried to move indoors and leaving it half-eaten for me to step on in the middle of night! Ick!

Nancy said...

I LOVE the sunflower quilt. Will I still be able to get tickets on the 20th? The dog I had when I was married had it in for a local squirrel and sadly, he got her one day. Very sad.