Saturday, November 12, 2011

Full Steam and Down Hill

I received a package from my friend Norma Soulet the other day. I got a kitty key chain, a glass chicken and a piece she made that was so awesome that I had to share!  She is so sweet to remember my up coming birthday and made this darling steam punk fish!  Isn't it adorable!  The eyes in the bottle cap are the bomb! lol 
The top is a crown royal cap with a wing nut.  She really looks like she can really run like a sub with all of those mechanical gears!   I had to give her a steam punk name, of course! It's Miss Prudence Pickergill!  Sounds like an old spinster teacher name and perhaps she is, she looks like she could  be the head mistress of a school of fish, of her very own! 

 The pattern is by Frowning Francis.  I looked up the other dolls she has made.  Such  a wonderful  world of fantasy.

I must say that I feel quite old already!  I had a dental appointment on friday for a cleaning and I had to have the cat to the vet to have a couple of teeth pulled.  Anyway, the appointments were an hour drive from each other.  I knew I couldn't make it without filling up with gas.  Anymore, you have to prepay before you can pump the gas.  Anyway, I had to pick up the cat, had to stop at the grocery for a couple of items, and had company coming later that day.  I had figured I had a little time before I picked up the cat so thought I would stop home first.  I was just about 5 miles to home when I happened to look down at the gas gauge and it said 11 miles to empty!  Here I had paid for my gas that I hadn't pumped!!!   lol  Talk about a senior moment!  For that, I should have gotten a discount! Luckily I finally did make it to a gas station and the fact that $50 was credited back from the other gas station.  It will take awhile to catch on to this prepaying senior!  As it turns out, one of the attendants says that it happens quite a lot!  So, perhaps I am the norm!  Now I am curious, What is the dumbest thing that everyone has done? 


Gabriela said...

So adorable!!!!!!!!I love it!!!!

Pam said...

Love the fish. Norma is quite a talented lady. Your name is perfect for the "school marm".

I have senior moments all the time but I've "forgotten" them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

What a hoot!!! I am sure your kittens will enjoy trying to figure out who is moving in. Blessings, Mary Helen

Ann said...

love your steampunk fish!! what a darling friend you have!! i love Frowning Francis patterns..i have a couple of them myself!
oh,senior moments...i've actually been wearing my glasses,thought i'd lost them,asked my husband to help me find them...he points to my face and laughs!!
a very happy early natal anniversary to you!!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Did you get the bad weather tonight??? tornadoes...sirens and horrendous rains. I will have to wait to see what tomorrow brings! peace, mary Helen

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pattyskypants said...

OK, she is 2 kool!! LOVE her, seriously! As for senior moments, I'm sure I have them but I forget. xxoo