Thursday, March 22, 2012

Calling For Rain

Tomorrow they are calling for rain.  Seems appropriate that "rain" is what was picked as a "color" theme this month for my Arts in the cards group.  Every one sees color differently, especially between men and women.  My step son and hubby will verify that this chart is true! (source found here)

  What color is rain anyway?  With rain, one thinks of a gray dingy day. Rain can be dark, it can be light, it can be hard, it can be soft, it can be reflective in color.  It can react to so many things.  It can be steamy, it can be cold, it can make things soggy or be absorbed, But as for the color itself, I see streaks. Especially streaks of a silvery gray with see through qualities. I thought long and hard about what I was going to do and finally it hit me. I decided to experiment reacting with an object using the colors I described.  I actually chose my face as the object. Rain also has a feeling of being somber or a smell of being refreshed. (Perhaps I should put scratch and sniff scent of rain on these atc's... hmm.....)

 For contrast, I shot my face with a web cam and used the black and white feature.  Then I had a quilting pencil that sadly has been sitting here for years that I have never used!  It was meant to mark quilts for hand quilting and since I machine quilt instead, it got tossed in my pencil drawer.  The pencil is actually Roxanne's Quilter's Choice. It's so nice and shiny!  It now goes in my colored pencil box and It shall be relabeled  "rain".

I started striking lines through the photo copy of my photo hoping to see some details through it. The more that I covered it, I thought oh no, this isn't working as I got too heavy handed, but to my surprise when I picked up the photo, I could see that it actually made a hologram effect!  How cool is that!  All 3 of these are the same photo, just a different angle of the light that hits it.

This photo almost tells me how creepy looking it can be. LOL  I was glad that the photos actually worked out too as sometimes seeing it in person as opposed to a photograph, tells a different story.

This was actually the photo that I started with.
No, I'm not mad.  This IS my somber face.  Trust me, you don't want to see my ugly side!  lol

Also before it rained, I took photos of Karen's quilt that I finished machine quilting.  I love the applique that she did with the diamond flowers!  So very lovely!

Such lovely burst of color!

Well, I am off to listening to the pitter patter of rain and continuing on to chapter seven of the book I started reading a couple of posts ago.  May your day be filled with rainbows.


Sue said...

WOW your rain photographs are amazing, who would think you could do this with a pencil. The quilt is absolutely beautiful your friend must be very proud of this. Have a great weekend x

CraftygasheadZo said...

What a great post! Interesting too to think about how we 'colour' things. I tend to think of rain being blue! Falling from the sky which I see as blue too. But of course in reality neither are blue all of the time. Zo xx

miz katie said...

Beautiful quilt!

I'm looking for reference photos for a new painting. You could submit yours. I've been saying I want to do a black and white painting, and still haven't, yet. :) The details are on my newest blog entry.

Redanne said...

What an interesting project you have undertaken. I like the work with the pencil but personally, I prefer your happier face! Love the quilt, it really is beautiful.

Pattyskypants said...

I think you got the rain color there. We buy a locally-crafted soap named "rain" and it's a sort of greyish blue.
That is one really nice Bethelehem Star! I think the thing I like about it best is that it is so simply set.
Enjoy the rain! We got kinda sick of it, frankly! xxoo Patty & Bhu

rubyslipperz said...

I want to thank you for putting my button(s) on your blog... And, thank you so much for visiting and entering the BabyGO giveaway this last week. I've felt a bit sad that there was no email to reply to you =( I really LUV all the fun stuff on your blog!

please, if you have time, send me an email?


Chrysalis said...

What a wonderful quilt - would love to be able to do one like that! x

Darnell J Knauss said...

Stopping by to catch up with you. You have so many interesting things going on! I think it is so clever and so cool what you did with your picture to depict rain with that pencil!