Monday, June 18, 2012

Pets and Parades

This past weekend I was very busy helping raise funds for The Pet Orphanage.  Our main focus is spay and neuter and we also foster some animals, as well as provide medical outreach when needed. Some of the ways we are helped, are through grants and donations.  Another way is if someone signs us as their charity through Kroger rewards, we get some funding when customers shop for groceries and scan their card.  Sometimes local groups help us out too, to have pet food purchased and other things that we can use. Be sure to stop by and friend us on facebook. We had a booth at the annual Washboard Festival.  We gave away cat nip toys and dog treats.  We also had a basket drawing of pet goodies and information on our low cost spay and neuter program.  I made over 70 cat nip bags to give away.  I had also Illustrated a coloring page for the kids and painted kids faces for 3 days. Whew!!! My little dog, Jessie also got involved.  He would lay under the table while I painted the kids faces and would clean their feet. lol  It was too cute!  He also made friends with some kids and loved that they talked to him and made him feel important.  He even made friends with a cute little taco bell dog. lol

Here is Janet and her mom, Shelby working a shift at the booth.

This is Tammy painting a child's face while his brother looks on.      We were both very busy! I took a photo of each one I painted and I know that there were about 8 of them that didn't get photographed when my batteries died, so figured I painted 84 kids alone over the course of three days. With others painting, I am guessing close to 100 were done.
We made several cat faces
and little kittens too.
Some were copy cats!
and then there were dog faces.
Of all different breeds! (This must be a BLUE heeler.)lol
Then there were Dalmations
and Papillons too!

There were opposites, but many were Hello Kitties!
And then there was this funny face that was so much fun!

There were sweet little butterflies
Snakes on arms
and snakes on faces!
lovely red masks
and pirates too!
Doggies with pointed ears
and Doggies with floppy ears!
Lots of butterfly cheeks 
to match their hair
and match their clothes.
Other furry friends visited our booth too.

There were balloon sculptors and vendors selling their wares.
And the festival wouldn't be complete without a parade!
Lovely ladies doing their famous queen wave.
Free rides on the street for the kids

Washboard bands
complete with the wash!
There were heros
and horses.

A great time was had by all!  I missed out taking photos of the main stage as well as listening to some favorite bands. Ah well, they will be back again next year.  


Craftychris said...

Thank you for sharing the photo's I really enjoyed looking at them.
Your face painting is fab! xx

Sherry said...

Your sure know how to do things in style - looks and sounds like a wonderful day x

Sherry said...

You sure know how to do things in style! Looks and sounds like a wonderful day x