Monday, July 30, 2012

Unexpected Company

This weekend we decided to hit some yard sales, one of my favorite pass times.  I ran across this purple paw pin at one of them to add to my collection of paws from The Animal Rescue Site.  I click on every day to help donate food for the animals.  We went to a few other sales, but found nothing that I really couldn't live without.  I still had to go to the pet store to pick up some cat and dog food, so we stopped before we left town.  Jessie loves that he is allowed to go in the store to shop.  As it turns out, I happened upon a weekend that they were having a rescue adoption where there were several cats and dogs.  Before I could get into the store, a leash was thrust into my hand and on the other end was a female papillon! In the other hand, I had Jessie.  The owner of the rescue group was trying to convince me that I needed a new friend!  Well,  I came for pet food.... I started to say and before I could say anything else, she said, how about a trial run for the dog for the weekend.   I looked at her and said, ah yeah o.k., yeah, it's just a trial run and just for the weekend.   I paid for my purchases and she helped me load the car with the dog.  I am sure I may have even heard a snicker as we drove off.  

When we arrived at the house, Jessie was the first one in to tell the cats of the good news.  Guess what I got, guess what!?!
Oh no, you got a dog, didn't you?
Yeah and she's really cute too!  Woo Hoooowl!!! Woo Hoooowl!!!
Her name is Abby, isn't she a fox!?! I mean she really looks like a real fox! 
She's red like a fox and has this big fluffy tail that looks like a big plume!
She's super sweet, doesn't bark much, likes to snuggle and give kisses and sleep in your bed!

She already loves mom.  She catches on to being babied really fast!  Mom, can we keep her, can we, can we????  Can we be like a pair? Come on mom, what do you say????


Merilyn said...

I just don't know how you could possibly say no! LOL! She is just gorgeous, I'm sure she could even make the cat fall in love with her!!! I had a Schipperke, and then I ended up with two, the second was a rescue (her owner had died quite suddenly), she is one of the most loving dogs, and yes even my cat prefers her company to my original dog LOL!!! How does that work LOL!!!!!

Nancy said...

Oh my, I want one! How cute. I don't think I knew that you had one Papillon, and now you have two. She is staying, right? I know I would never be able to take one back. Should you come upon a third sometime, send him or her to PA, okay? They are gorgeous - and so are the cats.

Ann said...

oh..what a darling!!!
i knew you had cats,but i didn't know you had a dog..or did i just forget? fabulous!!! i couldn't have said no either!!!!

Craftychris said...

aw how super cute they look together - How can you send Abby back? - I bet you don't! xx

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Wanda my dear,
Sorry I have been absent from your blog but I have been really busy.
Now things are semi back to normal. :)
Oh your new addition to the family is gorgeous....Abby! How kind of you to adopt her too. :)
Hugs and I uploaded something new to my blog if you want to look. :)