Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Frayed of Something New!

O.K. so I finally did it and have my own blog! I was rather apprehensive, but I am sure that I will find an online journal a wonderful new way to post my works, thoughts and simply to digress! The title "A Frayed of Fibers" came to me that describes not only my beginnings but my works in progress so perhaps a fitting topic at that!

My 1st memories of being attracted to art and fibers were at an early age and were influenced by my Nordic heritage. I would watch my grandmother knit and was mesmerized by the wonderful colors and patterns that she created.

By the time I was in the 2ND grade, I had the opportunity to create my very own colorful mitten patterns on a freshly mimeographed illustration of St. Nick wearing mittens. Perhaps the fumes of the chemicals got to me, as all I could envision were all of these squiggles, dots and lines that would mimic my grandmother's work. I set out to use about every crayon in my box only to find my teacher standing over me and getting a good scolding for not paying attention when she instructed us to color Santa's mittens green! I grew up in the era of stern teaching and she promptly scrunched up my beautiful work and gave me a new one to follow her directions to a "T"! School was for learning while play and creativity was on our own time! Despite this set back, I continued to enjoy and crave doing artful things. For Christmas I would ask for things, such as a spin art machine, weaving loom, paints, markers, clay and eventually a sewing machine. As I got older, I vowed that I would not squash anyone's dreams if they wanted to do something creative. As you can see, I allow Miss Fritzie to create..... CATS WHO QUILT CATS!!!

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sandra wyman said...

Enjoyed your blog and shall be returning! Especially the different flowers one. I remember having a strict needlework teacher who made me do things neatly - hated it at the time but grateful now! Liked Miss Fritzie - I have four quilting cats (though one only quality tests) LOL