Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Inspired by spring!

Spring has finally arrived! I welcome it with it's new birth of the first flowers of the season. I discovered three little crocus blooms in my backyard and felt compelled to capture their memory before they would leave as quickly as they came in. I was also inspired to create a piece in their honor. Today I shall proclaim it to be Crocus Day! If I were a faerie, that's what I would do! I would dance around In celebration and create a piece of art! The wee folk would have done them in their life size, so a picture perfect piece it would be in the form of a post card. Soon Bits of fabrics and fibers were blooming in my studio in brilliant purples and greens with a variety of textures. I was soon proud of my little piece that I created in it's abstract form and set off to play with it in my Kaleidoscope Kreator with many blooms later! Just too much fun planning my day.

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