Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lost episodes

So what the heck happened to May? What about June? In between all of this, I got a new computer and found me being quite challenged from switchin from a PC to a Mac. Along with all of this, I took a trip to Kansas City to go to MQS. I was lucky enough to go on $10. flights from Skybus! Wow, I couldn't drive to the airport for what it cost to fly! I really hadn't planned on going this year, but it was a really nice bonus! I was there the year before last and taught dye and transfer classes, but this year I took a class from Renae Haddeden. She is ever so delightful. I teach something similar, it just seems we get the same outcome with a different process. It's nice to have so many techniques in doing things! After I got back, I was able to go to NQA in Columbus. Another wonderful experience of enjoying so many different quilts.

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