Friday, July 27, 2007

Die or Dye

O.K. So I haven't been on in a long while. Lots going on with learning a new operating system, work and every other excuse I can think of! So.... you may have thought I really did die, but I'm back, only this time to put a bit of color into my life with dye!!!!

This past week I have been doing a few of my favorite things and that is to teach and another is to dye. We started out with just perfect weather. Not perfect for the garden or the pond that is in need of rain, but dry and not too hot! Adults and children were both in Saturday's classes. There was one here as far away as Venezula! Saturday was an experimentation with color and pattern doing tie dyes. As the week progressed, we went on to gradations, rusts, discharges and salts. In the later weeks and months it will be doing hopefully some marbeling and batiks, airbrushing, screen printing, painting techniques on silks, satins and mixed media fibers including dye transfers. Not only does everyone enjoy doing the process, but the animals seem to enjoy the inspection process as well! I had a rust colored butterfly find it's way to the rust dyes to blend in and then flew off a short distance away for me to capture it on camera. Early in the morning while I was getting the dyes ready, a doe and her twin fawn were out inspecting some of my equipment. Another morning In the distance along the creek bank stood a Heron although I suspect he was inspecting the fish more than what I was doing! Elmer, our Muscovy duck seems to get into the act too. In the evenings I am quilting but during an oppertune perfect day, you will find me outdoors with nature and color.


love of cats said...

I spent a wonderful two days learning your dye techniques and had a bunch of fun! I have already used some of the fabric I was able to bring home from class in a sewing project. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn how exciting it can be to work with different dye techniques and expanding my knowledge working with fabrics. I look forward to your upcoming new classes.

Irene's Quilting Corner said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Hope I can take your class sometime!