Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Color my world

It was a gorgeous day today and I took the oppertunity to go out and photograph some summer color.

Attached to the front deck is a thistle feeder that attract 4 finches that come daily to feed. Usually when animals stick around long enough, they are given a name and these birds were no exception. The 2 females are Mona and Lisa, while the males are Michaelangelo and Leonardo Da Finchy! Unfortunately I couldn't get all 4 in the shot at the same time. It's much like photographing relatives. LOL

My butterfly bush was loaded with blooms and not only butterflies were attracted, but I captured a hummingbird hawk moth that was busy at work. It's the kodak moments like these that one wishes they had a faster shutter speed.

My mystery lilies were also in full bloom. I adore their irridescent pink, yellow, lavendar and periwinkle glow in the sunlight. Unfortunately they don't last very long by their natural lack of longivity. It quite possibly is their defence from not being discovered and devoured by deer!

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