Thursday, March 20, 2008

How do you like your eggs?

Today is spring!!!! Yes!!! The most positive thing I look forward to is Easter. It sybolizes rebirth, a new awakening and hope for man kind.
This year Easter is early and the crocus and the daffodils are still asleep while we wait for a change from the snow and wet rain. My spirits aren't completely dampened as I look forward to dyeing eggs in the spring and doing something different each year. I have wonderful memories of dyeing as a child, with our kids, grandchildren and with my FIL. With recent years, it is just my husband and I and the cats that get involved. As you can see, Miss Swiffer is in charge of counting chickens before they hatch! lol
Over the years we have dyed eggs with traditional dyes with the vinegar and tablets, the kind with the sprinkles and glitter, the marbeling, the onion skin dyes, the wax resists and now one with silk ties!I tried my hand at "Tie" dyeing eggs from a segment from Martha Stewart and it was great fun to see how wonderful they turn out with a variety of patterns from the silks. I knew saving them would come in handy one day even if they don't get into a quilt!
I marvel over the egg in it's unique package and the many ways that people have decorated and adorned them with Ukranian work and Faberge' work. I am lucky enough to have a Ukranian friend who has given me one of her beautiful masterpieces!
So how do you like your eggs?


callmelacie said...

The kids and I like to get very fancy with our eggs, we color, draw, paint name it. Unfortunately this year, we won't be dying any because of some different situations coming up in the family.

Diane said...

I have a Ukranian friend who I remember well her mother who would dye her eggs the way they did in the old country. I wish you were my neighbor I would enjoy your work so much and having you as a friend a great incentive to do more.