Monday, March 24, 2008


Rejuvenation comes from the soul as a small work of art lingering within, waiting to emerge and break forth into a new light. I have two modes of approach when I work. I sometimes like to have a preconceived notion on what I am doing and sketch out a map of my plan, while at other times, I will grab things and start working with them, often to rearrange and put in some things and take others out until I find the right combination to unlock a closed door and reveal a new discovery. This is just that time. The background is prangs on black fabric over a hand carved ink block, metallics, painted fusibles, beads, crystals, pearl cotton, recycled fibers, applique and wool roving.


Michelle said...

A beautiful piece of art!!!

morningDove said...

this is an amazing piece of art. I love looking at this piece.

Mieke said...