Friday, May 30, 2008

Cedar Falls, Ash Cave and Old Man's Cave

One thing I have to say about where I live, I can enjoy the scenery in a tourist area. We have people come from miles and miles around to visit our gorgeous views. I am also fortune to have a very good friend that owns a rental cabin so on the days that it isn't rented, we go up there for a little R&R ourselves:) I see inspiration for works of art in the texture of the rocks and foliage and If we look hard enough, we might even find a faerie or two!

What could this twinkling be? Could it be a woodland faerie in the tree top?

Blue Jays discover a sleeping Faerie Hayley !


morningDove said...

oh my these pics are 2dye4. I see many wonderful quilts from these. and gd is be-u-T-ful. Did you take all these and with what kind of camera?

callmelacie said...!

Hocking is beautiful!

Sherry said...

How lucky you are indeed to have such beautiful scenery practically in your back yard! Lots of inspiration here. Beautiful GD's as well. Just love the fairy photo.

Patty Skypants said...

It's great to see you're quilting, creating and thriving after all these years! Enjoyed your blog but didn't see any photos of Zeke so figure he must have crossed the bridge. Sophie and Rachel did, too, but Bhu keeps me company now, although he less a quilting cat than the two girls. Love your work! xxoo Patrice