Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm back!!!

It seems forever before I get back to blogging. I took a detour and took a web design class this summer. It was a very high pressured course, but I learned alot and certainly am not going to be proficient at this point. Just lots of practice. The big problem that I had is that I was working with a mac while the class was pc based, so whew! It was like learning two different languages at the same time. In between all of that, I have been having some medical tests done which hasn't been a lot of fun and even our instructor is going through a lot since he has cancer. I don't know if I would have been able to have stuck it out, but his love for teaching superseded over his illness.

Well, now that I am back, what have I done? Well not much at this point, but i have been trying to catch up on some trades. I did a dotee for a gal in Australia, I shall link more photos to view here.
I will regroup and get back to the old grind and start posting more frequently, so don't give up on me, ya hear! lol


morningDove said...

this dotty is fantastic. She has spunk and is very sassy. I love her. glad to see you're back.

Cyber Fyber said...

Today I'm creating the exhibition labels for the ATCs in CYBER FYBER. This gave me the chance to peek in on your great blog. This piece really makes me smile. I also enjoyed the hot air balloon photos. Thanks for sharing!
PS Thanks again for trading with me at CYBER FYBER. GO BUCKS! Yes, I'm originally from case I didn't mention it when we first traded! My personal, artistic blog is at

callmelacie said...

Hi there, Wanda! Glad you're back and hope all is well.

As always, your work makes me smile.

Susan said...

Wanda is my sister....and she was born in Ohio too! She now lives in Munich, Germany. She's lived abroad for years and years. Blogging is a great way for us to stay in touch and share our lives and embroidery. We are trying to get our Mom to actually use her blog. I set it up for her because she wanted to trade with me at CYBER FYBER. She actually wrote her very first blog post this week despite the fact that she's had the blog for over six months!