Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Evil Eye

In a Fiber Art Trade that I am in, (F.A.T. for short) The theme is cats! Lord knows owning 7 of them that I could ship one out and never know it was missing! Oh sure, My fur kids can look very sweet and humble at times but they can also be two faced in more ways than one. One girl portrayed her kitties two faced so no doubt she is a bona-fide cat owner! One minute they are innocent and the next thing you know it, they are into something! I just caught Herky this morning up to no good!

He was blaming it onto Fritzie and I actually believe him as I have found her stealing my embellishments before. I buy them their own toys but never find them until one day while cleaning under large objects ( a rare occurrence) I found 54 fake mice and one fuzzy ball of yarn(I wondered where it went) under the sofa! It then occurred to me, the female cat was just like me! (while she is the only one that can crawl under the sofa), Here she had her own stash! OK Ok, we admit it, we both have a problem and now need to go to stashoholics anonymous (well maybe in her case.... anonymouse!) We must give to the less fortunate and I have... several bags of old fabric went to charities to make quilts with, before it all rotted away. Fritzie on the other hand had to share with the other 6 kitties. There, now we feel better! Right Fritzie? (Somehow I am getting the evil eye)

Well on to creating my cat! I know we all get inspirations on things we create. Perhaps a word or a photograph or even daily events will trigger our muse. For me, we had recently been to the Lancaster fair. It's my favorite as it is the last one of the season and I love the fall air, the smell of fried onions, the popcorn and the cotton candy!

Well speaking of candy.... I caught some eye candy with one of the rides called Pharaoh's Fury! It was very dramatic in color which caught my interest, but as I pondered on it, it occurred to me, why not do an Egyptian cat for the trade! I started sketching.

And gathered other photos for elements and started my quest for my traded cat.

I worked in the pharaohs stripes in the ears and the wings, that lead me to my finished piece.... and oh, yes, Miss Fritzie contributed too, with that evil eye!


Patty Skypants said...

Glorious cat! Thanks for kitty photos, too! xxoo Patty

morningDove said...

and if you make the legs 3D it would make a great triptych. I love the pharoah feline.