Monday, October 27, 2008

Trick or Treat!!!

A lion tamer and two little lions

The nurse and the clown

A young future Logan cheerleader

Trick or Treat on Moore Rd.

Sunday was our neighborhood halloween trick or treat day. It was my favorite holiday when I was a kid! I loved to play dress up and run through the neighborhood at night with flashlights. Those times have changed to become safer for kids and even though it is just for a couple of hours and in the day light, it lets us have a better glimps of their costumes.

Even though those times are gone we can still have the oppertunity to get some FREE candy in a drawing on Oct. 31st. Feast your eyes on a chance to get some treats for all of you artists and crafters. Get some eye candy at a blog giveaway!


Maggie R said...

awe...what a bunch of cuties....They sure love it....It kind of makes me sad how times have changed... When I was a kid, we got home made fudge served right out of the pan, and cookies and apples, had most of it eaten before we got home.... No pins or blades to worry about , just maybe a little bit of a tummy ache!!!!
We don't get so many kids anymore and I suppose it is because there are more celebrations in a safer atmosphere....

needlewings said...

yes, I can remember the homemade stuff and the apples. Then it got to the point where the kids were able to take their candy to the hospital and get xrayed! Now they don't do unwrapped candy at all. Rog said when he was little, there was a mean old man who took pennies on a cookie sheet and would heat them up and throw them out in the yard for trick or treaters to pick up. How mean!

kiwicarole said...

Ha! Love the cheerleader!
Now - down to business, mmmmm you'll swap a pork chop for veges?? What about 4 pork chops and I'll throw in 20 barrels of water?! LOL
:) Carole

needlewings said...

Hey Carole, that's a deal! Hope it puts a dent in my pond. lol

needlewings said...
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callmelacie said...

Awww what adorable kids, it's so fun to talk to the little trick or treaters, get them talking about their costumes.

Flicsha said...

I like your Halloween photos much better than mine!! Flicsha