Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Tail of Two Kitties

I have always loved cats, but had never thought about the "tails" they keep. They seem to have a personality all of their own!

Take for instance, Herky. He is as relaxed as it gets and puts his tail proudly on display. I know it looks like it doesn't bend at all, but it does and has been known to wrap it around my finger from time to time! (If he didn't have such a broad butt, his tail would seem a lot longer!

Lately. we have had a timid stray cat hang around here and one day seemed to decide it would be fine to check out the house so in she followed me into the utility room. It amazes me how different her tail is. It's shorter and bushier as if she were part of the racoon family.

As much as i would like to keep her indoors, we have too many inside so she will have to remain an outdoor cat. She has owl like eyes, so will have to come up with a name. Ideas anyone?

It must have been the full moon to lead the path to our house!


Patty Skypants said...

KEWT! She looks like a Misty to me!

Michelle said...

Awww...I love kitty tails!

What about Serena or Sabrina (I was thinking of Samantha's sister on Bewitched...)

Pam said...

Great story of "cat tails". How about something with "WISE" in her name. Owls are wise aren't they?