Monday, October 5, 2009

Trade Secrets

This week has been one very busy one with getting quilts and trades done. I worked on 22 ATC's for a mass trade coming up on Sat. at Art-Is-You.
A mixed media retreat. I also have several bracelets made up and some other items I made earlier, so have about 50 all total.
I also made some in the form of tags to trade

In Addition to this, I also had some trades on the homefront. I had been working on an Alice in Wonderland trade group and made tags for the Knave of Hearts. I can hardly wait to see what I get back!

I love how sparkly they are even though the photo doesn't do it justice. Not shown is the back where I have the poem about the Knave of Hearts.

I also spent the earlier part of the week quilting a quilt that a bunch of us gals in a group did for a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is my block contribution.

This is the quilt I couldn't tell you about this past week until I sent it since it was to be a surprise. Needless to say she was!
All of the blocks were done by our online art group and it was amazing seeing our personalities showing through. You can see close ups of the rest of the blocks and quilt HERE. In addition to making her block, I machine quilted her quilt and I also had made her a doll that you can see more views in the album as well.

While I know she has a rough road ahead, It's a great comfort to her that she has so many of us that can reach out and help with the healing!

We Love you Dove! Many more cyber hugs and prayers going your way!


Ann said...

omg....i love your art!!! thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. If you'll email me with an address, I'd be glad to send you one of the little girls on the sheet that I made Pumpkin Girl from.The sheet was from 2008,maybe it's not for sale anymore? Any-who...I'm happy to share.


Thanks Ann!

vintagesusie said...

Hi & I Love your tags!!! Just a note to say Thanks for your lovely Knave of Hearts tag & assorted goodies!! This was fun & I hope to swap again soon. Sincerely, Susie

Lois said...

Hi Wanda!
I just love your work. It is so creative!
Those halloween tags are so cute!
Thanks for sharing.
Have a great week.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Wanda,

Wow you have been one busy lady lately! Love the Halloween tags.


studioGypsy said...

all of them just gorgeous, UU!! ;) xo

"flinst" verification word...means your work lights up like GIANT flint sparkS aka Fireworks!! ;) xo

morningDove said...

hi UU: i went away for two days and just returned home. hubby changed over internet, etc. and well hope i can figure it all out. i so love all you guys did for me. A cherished gift that has already brought me much joy, love and warmth. my girl hangs in a place of distinction overlooking my dining room.
your word is always fantastic. love the tags.
my word verification "caphollu" made me think of the hysterical laughter we all share when you express yourself online. love you,

Sherry said...

Wanda, how thoughtful of you and the group for making that wonderful surprise for Dove. The quilting is absolutely devine and I love your doll.

wanda-art. said...

Thank you for your kind words, you're also a great talent-your works are beautiful, much greetings, Wanda

Marie N. said...

The angle/psalm quilt is a masterpiece! I love the concept, colors and the stitching.