Monday, October 26, 2009

Needle and Brush

I have found myself busy for the past few weeks so figured it was about time that I post what I have been doing. During Columbus Day weekend we took a trip to to CT. I met up with a few friends and we all attended a mixed media retreat. Time was short so consequently I didn't get my project finished until I got home, This is my finished painting from a Pam Grose class entitled, "Portraits in a Landscape". We all went away with such uniquely different paintings. Some had all different shapes and sizes of eyes, nose and lips as well as having all different color backgrounds. It was a great class. If anyone is interested in next year's retreat classes, click "HERE".for the Art Is You east coast Mixed media retreat held in Connecticut.

This is Deb posing with her faerie. She chose to use smaller and lavender eyes. Her head is more rounded while mine very wide. I can hardly wait to see how she finished her painting!

This was done by another girl who used some uniquely different hair.

Mine wasn't finished either when I left class. My husband was out in the parking lot of the hotel talking to another girl who had been taking another class. She asked me what class I took and being very serious, I told her that I was doing a portrait painting of my husband. When I revealed my bald faerie, they both laughed since he can relate. lol

We had a very enjoyable time even though it wasn't very long, but I wished I had taken far more pictures. At least at the Art retreat, but guess I was too busy with class. I didn't really get any outdoor photos since the weather was pretty gloomy and rained off and on. We did spend just a little time on the beach picking up sea shells and we spent Monday night with another couple before we headed back. Perhaps a good thing as the weather turned really nasty the day after we left.

I had finished painting my faerie and while I was still in the painting mood, I was also inspired to paint some small atc's for a Harvest theme for an art trading group online. I chose to do pumpkins as we also had the Circleville Pumpkin Show going on this weekend.

I also did some apple ones inspired by the Coshocton Applebutter Festival.

I made a total of 6 trades.

This weekend I got to meet another friend on line. Her name is Suzan. She came over to rent out my longarm machine. She is such a fabulous dyer! I wish you really could see more of this up close and personal! It is so awesome! Not only is she a great dyer, she also makes fabulous herb cheese bread!

I made cabbage and smoked sausage soup and it was perfect for a rainy day.


1 small head of cabbage shredded
1 medium onion chopped
3 cans of fat free chicken broth
1 can of water
3-4 chicken flavored OXO cubes
1 package of Eckerich Smoked Sausage sliced

Combine in a sauce pan and cook until cabbage is tender. If you wish, you could add diced potatoes and carrots to make it more hardy.

(NOTE: This is my favorite soup mug which I got back in the 70's. I really would like to find more like this one if anyone knows where I can get more. It can be other colors, but I love this green one the best!)

Speaking of eating, We also had a couple of dinner guests that showed up.

I've named this one Honey.

This one I have dubbed Flea Biscuit!

Such cute kitties. The littlest one belongs to my neighbor, but she must not be a very good cook as she is always over at my house. lol Of course it would help if I would turn off that Cat Diner and vacancy neon sign at my back door!!! There's 6 more out there on a waiting list!!!


Threadhead said...

I love those Wanda!!!They are amazing!!!!!

Patty Skypants said...

The kitteh visitors are so kewt! Remember, kittehs feel obligated to visit efurryone who feeds them. They might be getting what we would consider "plenty" of food from their own mom, but it never hurts to have a back-up, right? ha ha!

Love the dyed piece!! OMG, the faerie queens are preshuss! xxoo P

Lisa Alff said...

Wanda, your paintings are fantastic, I have been dabbling in it myself,, what medium do you use? yours is awesome.... Is it on fabric? Grea job but then I exspect nothing less from you darling!!!!! Hugs Lisa

morningDove said...

oh i love your paintings. they are just wonderful. and i'm going to make your cabbage soup. thanks for the recipe. you're the sweetest.

Mrs. Art Doll Maker said...

Did all the portrait paintings come out so well? I always think mine would be kinda childlike in its drawings. This is a class I'd like to take sometime.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Wanda,
Wow you have been busy! :)
Love all the art you have done lately. The painting is great!
I just uploaded my Mini Monsters onto my blog. Go have a look. I also uploaded some other things.


Shasta said...

Sounds like a wonderful class. They are beautiful. The ATCs are great too.


Thanks gals! Hope fall is treating you well and you got to rest up an extra hour!

Dotti said...

Looks like it was a fun retreat/class! Love your Faerie! Thanks for the soup recipe...DH and I needed to shed a couple we are doing two weeks of South Beach...this soup is right on the plan and I have been craving soup lately!

Pam said...

WOW. Love the painting and all the other pics on your post. You have been a busy girl.
Wanted to say thanks for the pattern. My DH delivered it here to KY today.