Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Make Over

Having been a military wife for a number of years, I have hated living with white walls while living on base housing. When we moved here, again we have had white walls, but never have had the time to paint and now that I have choices, it has been a difficult task trying to figure out what colors that I have wanted. I had thoughts of peaches and greens, but now I have leaned more towards aquas. The inspiration came from a comforter that I had picked up at a flea market, with aqua and rosey floral colors. I have wanted to do the bathroom with a bit of a Mermaid theme, so this would be a good base for it. My master bathroom is huge with a garden tub. This is my before shot with a hodge podge decorating scheme. Note that Miss Swiffer had to get in the photo too!

As you can see after painting, it has made quite a difference! I am so loving it painted! Now I have to make some more decisions. The first one, the lights will certainly go! I have hated those dressing room lights with a passion! I am thinking getting something more bronze. Now I need to know what to do with the mirrors! I hate that cheap looking gold trim around it. Do I hang seaweed from it? Do I glue shells on it? Do I rip it out and frame it in tile? What do I do with the door and cabinets? Do I paint them white? Or can I paint them cream and distress like shabby sheek? Or do I stain them more of a cherry color?

How about Miss Swiffer? She went with an attractive contrast of ceiling white! If anything sits still long enough around here it gets decorated! LOL I am so anxious to get back and work on the bathroom, but it may have to sit for a day until my muse and audience tells me what to do next.


DAnna said...

That is a beautiful color! Here are some suggestions:

Mirrors: Can you take them down? And do you need the one over the tub? I would buy a decorative mirror (you can get them at places like Lowe's, discount places for not too much.

Lights: Nuke the lights and find a cool fixture for above that fits your theme.

Cabinets: Definitely paint them - I prefer off-white and distressed at bit.

Some cool towels and art on the wall and you have a fab new master bath!

Deborah said...

I love the color and your cat!

Elisabeth said...

Love the color - you need only check out my logo to figure out why :-)

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Drink in the colors and their sweet songs. You will be able to Play now and make each room your very small assistant may need to assistance cleaning her tail. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


Thanks DAnna, I will have to think yet on it. I am even thinking even an crackle on the off white, I shall experiment on another piece before I decide though.