Thursday, June 17, 2010


I LOVE yard sale season! You just never know what you are going to find and sometimes it is just what you needed! Last week they had hundreds of yard sales on RT. 40 through Ohio and we set off to find some good bargains. I found scrapbook papers and rubber stamp supplies. The spice rack, I picked up to put my beads in. I got several rubber stamps and some punches.

I got this tall cabinet which will be great for all of my rubber stamps and supplies! I don't know what the story was on the front panels, but I shall repaint it anyway.

I didn't keep count of the sales, but we had to have hit about 60. Just too much fun, inspite of it raining for part of the day. One yard sale we had gone to, the woman said she was picked over and all the good stuff was gone! I think I spent more time hunting through her wonderful junk! LOL One of my favorite purchases were these stools! I have been wanting some for the counter. They would also make their way to my cutting/drafting table. I saw a $20. price tag and hesitated since they were the price each! The woman explained that they were rosewood and she spent $150. for each one!!! Wow, I couldn't imagine! I really did love them though. So what do you think of my stool samples? hee hee I love the curved seat and they truly were designed for comfort in mind!

I wanted to get some file folders to use to make journals with and I was so excited to see oodles and oodles of them! I would have never guessed to find them at a yard sale! The woman had been a teacher so came from the school. Best of all, it was only $5.00 for the whole shabang!!!

I would have settled for just the cream colored ones......

but look at all of these lovely colors too! Woo Hoo!!!

I got a bunch of jewelry for 50 - 75cents each and even a jewlery box that looks like a book.

Then look at this lot of goodies!

OH so many years ago, I remember these curling rods in my hair! I am thinking they will make great legs and arms in my mixed media art themes. And the 35 MM film canisters! OH WOW! I remember my dad had some of them! Got some vintage threads and a tape measure, carpet tape and some mesh tape! I will show you what I did with the mesh here in a bit:)
Oh and look at this lovely lace!!! I even dyed some of it with dyenaflow.

O.K. I have delayed posting this and put it in my draft folder as I couldn't show you what I was making until the gals I sent it to had opened their BD gifts. Here is what I did with the mesh tape, I painted it in copper for an embellishment. This was for Gabriela's BD. I was in the mood to making more flag books!

I made this one for Norma for her Birthday. Remember the lace I dyed? Check out the bird that I painted and stained. Do you know what that was?

They were from extra pieces from a bird feeder! I cut the extras off and drilled below the feet to attach with a flower brad.

Here's a" bird's eye view" of the book opened.

I love how they open!

I used a bird cage and bird that I got from Vic in a trade. It was perfect for this! Note that I had to line the birdcage with newspaper. LOL

Now that I have posted, you might not hear from me for awhile as I shall be off to creating more stuff with all of my new found treasures!


Margaret said...

Oh my what a post full of finds! can't work out what i like the best! the spice rack beads

Spice Rack said...

I am a collector of different kind of spice rack, can I have that spice rack bead on the upper left corner of the picture?

Janine said...

It is wonderfull what lovely goods you have fpind.
It must have felt like finding a treasureBut most of all I love your flag- book.
I never saw this before It looks so cool and the cover you have made is excellent.
Have a great weekend

Patty Skypants said...

WHOA! That is some mighty fine TREASURE! Those chair especially, I can tell you, were a great bargain. The book is glorious and SO ARE YOU!! xxoo Patty

Victoria said...

Love your goodies! Your book is great, I love what you did with bird & cage! LOL

Reflections of life and art said...

Wonderful finds and great idea on the spice rack. I remember those old curling (perm)! the gifts you made too!

PeggyR said...

Sounds like you cleaned the entire thing out!

Shasta said...

I've always wanted to go to those route 40 sales. I looked it up this year, and figured out that I just missed it. I have that spice rack, and just emptied mine out when I was consolidating my spices a few weeks ago. Thanks for giving me a new use for it! Your projects are just gorgeous. The birds are just magnificent.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Wanda,

Wow you really found lots of great bragains. Love the shape of the two chairs/stools. :)
Thanks again for the lovely Flag book with the bird and the bird cage on the inside cover. Lovely birthday surprise. :) Guess where I placed it?

Deborah said...

What wonderful treasures you found! I have the same spice rack that I bought at a thrift store and also use to store beads. Your flag book is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love the books. The fronts are lovely. Thank you for visiting my blog. I will be back to yours, neat things...Cindy W.

Anna Lear said...

Great yard sale finds, especially those gorgeous stools! And then I scrolled down and saw the books you made... WOW. Absolutely gorgeous, and the bird book just takes my breath away.

a.m. design said...

Awesome finds, looks like a productive day. I wouldn't have been able to pass up the stools either, I love the curves!
The book is great too, very unique design.
-Hotcakes on SB