Monday, January 24, 2011

Irrational Woman

Yesterday I got a call from the Pet Orphanage asking if I would foster a cat which was a drop off down the road. Of course I said no, when we already have 14! AND NO MEANS...... "But", she interrupted, " this cat is young and deserves a chance, we can put it in the paper with photos and there should be no problems adopting it out, people look for long haired cats. I would take it in myself, but I have cats already separated and can't take in any more and with sub zero temperatures......" OH, well..... let me talk to my husband first, I said and with that, he looks at me and says, It's up to you!

God, how I hate when things are left up to me! I am such an irrational woman..... so you know how things went. I am so easily swayed and talked into things. At age 56, I would even buy a pregnancy test kit if it were on sale for $1, even if I didn't need it! You know, maybe it would come in handy some time.... you know, those type of irrational people. (However I am "fixed" and post menopausal!) I even have a felting machine that hasn't even gotten out of it's box yet from this past summer! Hey, it was on sale, I know I will use/need it! I have come to the conclusion though, that I am perhaps just a hoarder. I always think I need things, but I am also a giver too. Just ask my quilt customers, I always tell them that I give away a cat with every quilt!!! (Not that any body has ever taken me up on the offer though, but I always thought it good sales tactics.)

Well, this morning I get the call from the woman that has the cat. I ask how old it is, is it male or female? She could only say that it was black and had long fur. She has two other cats that will start marking their territory and can't keep it. She was on her way into town and would drop it off. Poor thing was having to live in a box outside under her BBQ grill. She worried it would freeze to death. Well, in she walks with this little cat carrier with a bundle of fur. I take it out and announced that it was a female, perhaps 6 months old. It took but 2 seconds before this little furry creature got up on my chest and started rubbing her face all over mine and said this is home, in between her very audible purrs. The woman so wanted to keep her and was crying when she left her behind. She was so happy as she knew we would take care of her too and promptly gave me money to get her spayed to help with her efforts of living a good and wanted life.

After she left, It took about two seconds for me to name her Anise, which no doubt will become Ani....... as in little orphan Ani. or as in Ani-mal. I am sure we will soon get to know Ani's Antics. She already loves to rub noses! Notice that half of her face has white whiskers while the other half is black. She also has a wisp of white fur on her chest. She is such a beautiful bundle of fur! Speaking of which, I will have some extra tufts of fur to save... why yes, of course, I shall save it to use as embellishment to run it in the felting machine! Yes, because I am just such an irrational woman!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Sweetie...
What a beautiful share today. I have to tell you Annie is just gorgeous. Someone will fall in love with her and give her a home. I can't even imagine having that many furr babies in the house. (DH and I have asthma so we are highly allergic to cat dander), but we SO love them. Nothing like hearing their little motors purrrr.

I hope Bob is feeling better and you too. How is your back doing? Let's hope the vet will take you up on the 2 fer. (That was just precious sweet friend.)

Have a glorious Monday. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Amy said...

$1.00 for a pregnancy test is a bargain under any condition.
You would have to buy it.
Plus, I love the cat.

Deborah said...

What a sweet little beautiful kitty!

moonlitfantaseas said...

Ani is a beauty, If it were me I would keep her, she looks so sweet, its funny even before I got to the part where you said she was a girl, I knew, she just looks like a girl! even though I have three of my own, I wanted her when I saw her pics!

Ann said...

She is an absolute beauty!!! are your babies indoor-outdoor? we had 12..all indoor!!! Feeding time was so fun!!! you are not have a ginormous heart!!!!!!!!!!
$1.00 for a pregnancy are funny1 I'd buy it just to find out if my doctor didn't take my uterus all out..think of the money I'd get in exchange for a $1.00 output!!1 LOL
I "collect"...ok,hoard, stuff too! you never know when something might come in handy!!!!

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

What a lucky cat to be going to live with you. She looks such a dear liitle thing. I too fell hook line and sinker for an abandonded bundle of fluff 8 years ago, she is called Tia.

Gabriela said...

Looks just like mine Wanda!

Feather on a Wire said...

I don't need another cat either but I would have given her a home, she is beautiful.
I'm glad there is someone else out there with the same personality disorder as me.
I am getting better, well perhaps not better, but I have stopped going out so often so I buy less stuff.

Daffycat said...

If you really need a home for her bring her to me and I will take her in. She looks like my old Daffycat only black with gold eyes.

Pattyskypants said...

omg, Wanda, she looks JUST like my Sophie, who died at the ripe old age of 18 in '07. We miss that kitteh so much! More stars in your crown for taking her in! We know you will LOVE HER and she will purr in return! xxoo Patty & Bhu

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

She is an absolute beauty and I would haVe taken her in also. YOU are an angel...there is a place in heaven for those like you. All of my cats have been dropped off...and members of my hearts. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Lisa Fibers Creations said...

Well Wanda, I did talk to hubby and he is able to say "NO" unlike yourself. So I think you maybe stuck with my cat for life... Please take good care of Ani, Alsice says she will come visit one day soon.... Love ya Lisa

Anne said...

My first visit to your blog asnd I alreasdy love you're irrationality !!! and Ani !
Will be back for more news
Anne --
ps the word verification I have to type is :-
"blesse" --
awe !!!

Angelcat said...

What a gorgeous kitty!

Cathryn said...

Well...What can I say? Another kitty spared the life of living feral? Yes that's one thing I can say. least you got some help with spay costs? That's a definite plus! :D And oh my--she's a black kitty. Be warned. *grins* I KNOW black kitties--but she's a pretty one!

ParisMaddy said...

a beautiful, beautiful little baby doll and you (irrational woman:) are so good to make room for her. What is her name going to be????

~ Madeline

Mya said...

Well, Ani knew what she was doing -She knew she had you when she first started rubbing your face.
She is pretty and I am sure very happy. Hope all the cats will welcome her.

RoseMary said...

Ani is a beautiful cat. Wish I could have more. I feel with you girl. I'm sure, I'm a hoarder, my hubby keeps it at bay. I hate throwing things, I may need it someday.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

What a little treasure ~ I love the rubbing nose part! She looks like she could be a sister to my two siblings adopted 6 year ago. Especially my Joey aka Fezzywiggs (because when hubby saw his tuff that fly out behind his ears, he exclaimed he looked just like Mr. Fezzywiggs from The movie Christmas Carol).
I have a heart for stray kittys too. Every kitty in the neighborhood knows to come to my back deck for pets, foods, and love. So nice to know you and your precious heart! Blessings ~ Katie

Esme said...

Anise is gorgeous. Thank goodness for people like you offering to foster kitties while the wait to find a home.

She will have a home in no time at all.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Irrational you may be but with a big heart I think ;-) love this cat story.
Beautiful quilts - I'm still a novice when it comes to machine embroidery and struggle to do even decent circles! I can be going along quite nicely (for me anyway) then all of a sudden it seems the machine takes it's own path and I get some weird squiggly lines :-/
Yes pity the sugeon didn't have gold thread, but neat stitching anyway :-)
Anne xx

Laume said...

Ani looks like my Nut (pronounced "newt") - although we call her Nutty ("newty").

Taryn said...

She's absolutely beautiful!!! We have a black cat and my children named her Rainbow. They were only 5 at the time so I was surprised by the sense of humor they already had.

Elaine Akers said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous black kitty, Ani is. I love long haired cats and black cats always tug at my heart.Our spoiled kitty that now owns us is long haired and gray.
We have been feeding a stray male since last spring, but still haven't been able to coax it to come inside. We keep trying.
I have saved some of our cats fur too. I had my golden retrievers shed fur spun into fiber. Now, to find someone who knits or crochets to make it into a scarf for me. I have photos on my blog of the dog fiber.
I visited your blog during the OWOH event, and am now just getting back to spend some more time here.