Friday, February 17, 2012

Circus Circus

I completed more 4 x 4 chunky pages for the Circus trade since they were to be all different.  Or so I thought!  As it turns out, I was to make them different but of the same theme that I had been given, so.....  Back to the drawing board to make two more human pincushions!  Actually I shall have the extras to put into my own chunky book so I am not disappointed in the least!    

I had a little bit of silk ribbon left, so had to do a silk performer too!  I drew her too large and had the shrink her down a bit to get her on the card, However,  I liked leaving her head larger. I think it adds for a unique character.  Perhaps she is one of the freaks after all. lol     

This is another human pincushion. I actually planned to sew in some pieces on this one and then realized that the coaster was a lot tougher than the other ones that I had.  Realizing it was a difficult task, I simply got staple happy!

OH yes, had to give this guy the name of Mr. Pierce for sure! I had to do a little more freakish one with all of the different metal pieces that I had on hand to work with.  He was a bit time consuming but I was able to sew the pieces on this coaster since it was thinner.  I would hate to meet him in a dark alley!  It will be a month before I get the trades back, I'm anxious to see what I get in return.


Pattyskypants said...

I dunno. I keep thinking about Johnny Rotten and all those punk songs from the early 80's. Your human pincushion dude seems less scary, though . . . like maybe he's just trying to make enough money to send his kids to college: a middle-class circus freak! LOL

Netty said...

All terrific pieces of art and love how you've used various products. x

Deborah said...

So vibrant and fun!


LOL Patty! Funny thing is, I think he looks a lot like the guys I saw walking on the streets of London back in the 80's. Maybe they were part of Piccadilly Circus! ROTFL

Gabriela said...