Friday, February 10, 2012

What's The Use!?!

After rearranging the studio, I haven't had a chance to clean out and really organize the way I want to.  I decided the word for the year is "organization".  Each day I will begin to regroup and get rid of something, before anything new can be added.  Since I can't afford much new, I want to find new uses for things or re-purpose them.
 One of my favorite discoveries are these mini crates that I have had with the square holes in the sides.  I picked them up cheap and had used them for scraps of fabric and such.  Although they kept fabric paint in them, I found out that they would make a nice display on my desk to view the paints easier.  Who knew that a round peg would fit in a square hole?

Another thing I found useful was this plastic container that once held processed cheese in.  I had threatened to throw it out several times, but the pack rat in me decided to keep it for some reason.  It now holds several ATC's.  
An extra spice rack I found at a yard sale one time became a place to store beads and buttons.
 I even sorted out my sewing drawer with dividers so I can actually find something!

 Lots of left overs, some pieces will get put elsewhere, but what about the extra junk? What a pitiful mess!  Do I get rid of it or keep it?  The left brain wants it sorted or thrown out while the right brain kicked in to do something creative with it.  
I had an old card box I decided to cover with the objects and cover with the aluminum foil tape.  Each object was covered carefully and the tape burnished in the process until I had finished with a composition to my liking.  
Now it looks sort of like the surface of the moon or an alien planet!

I used metallic paints over the top.
It sure made the texture stand out!

Now to work on some new uses for this old suitcase that I have threatened to throw away for ever, so watch for it, It will be a new use soon!


Pam said...

Love all of your storage ideas. I too suffer from "Throw it or keep it". If I throw it, I can quarantee you that in a few weeks I'll wish I had it back. I must get over this. Garage sale tomorrow and some things are going there. I told my sister nothing is coming home with me. We'll see if I can actually donate it all to Goodwill after the sale.

I anxious to see what you do with the suitcase. I have one somewhere that I bought thinking I would repurpose it.

Pattyskypants said...

That suitcase is going to be the challenge I do NOT want to miss!! I've got a couple of ideas; wonder what you will do, though! Love what you did with all those washers. P.S. Are you the queen of understatement: "several" ATCs?? LOL xxoo Patty

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You have been a very industrious young lady!!! Thank you for the storage plans...I am always looking for organizational skills and Goodwill and St. Vincent's thrift stores are my favorite shopping! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Great storage ideas and recently saw a suitcase turned into a server for a dog dish and bowl of water.

Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Neat! I really like the foil sculpture project!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Great repurposing. I have such a problem with saving and saving and saving and then not having room to save no more. :/ Sometimes I just have to let go. I really need to get organized because if I could actually find what I am looking for, I might be able to make something. Right now, I am only crocheting because it is easy to grab a ball of yarn and get to work on something. Finding my cross-stitch and scrapbooking supplies is a whole 'nother story. Have a great weekend. Tammy

callmelacie said...

I need some of your organization skills, LOVE the paint crate, who woulda thunk it... and that box is awesome! I think I'm in love with the colors and textures of it.

Jan Thompson said...

Wanda you inspire me! I have such a mess of "useful stuff" sitting all around, Have a hard time getting rid of it, cause I am sure I will need it. But I sat and here and laughed at you, thanks for making my day start with a chuckle.