Friday, June 20, 2008

Fish and Chips

Well, I just couldn't wait! Last night I sketched my jointed paper doll and just couldn't quit until she was finished! She is made from the back of a notebook with the undertones glued on with a page from a magazine. AARP to be exact, if that should matter. LOL I then painted her translucently with acrylics and metallics. Her hair was from a hot pink scrap book paper. I burnished the edge with a burnt umber deco paint and floated it on with a flat brush. I picked up some cool star brads that I absolutely love! I used fusable stars and crystals on her body and picked up other embellishments to suit her. I love going through the clearance bin in crafts and fabric stores with nothing in mind but looks like fun for that someday project if I don't loose it in my studio somewhere in the process!

So why did I entitle this fish and chips you may ask? When we lived in England in the 80's, we quite often went to a great fish and chips place that served them in wrapped newsprint!

I wanted to try a different background that seems more sea worthy, but for some reason the golden colors of the sun and the memories of the newsprint had me drawn more to it. Perhaps if this would have had a more Caribbean blue to it. it would have been just right.

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