Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Wild Side

I have been known to be wild every now and then, but can be tamed quite easily!

I suppose dotees are mainly doll oriented, but i couldn't resist making animals too. (Sort of Ann Geddes style instead of animal faces) It's been an after thought, but I do
have a small paw print I could stamp on fabric for feet, just wonder if I could find one with a horseshoe print for the zebra.
I had some zebra buttons that I couldn't help but put on the tail. I don't know why, but the zebra reminds me of Delta Burke. lol
I will also have to add some more fun fur on the lion's tail. They are too cute! I can see other animals in the making. I may have to make 7 cats just for ornaments on our Christmas tree this year!

Here's one posing now. His name is Zack. (full name Zackery Elliot) Doesn't he look like a smitten kitten?

He's also my worst art critic!


morningDove said...

what a cute idea. each little face has a slightly different makeup to give them their own personality. your little creations belong in a zoo. Have you thought about creating a doll house to fit them?

Lori said...

What a great job you did! I wish I had your creative mind!!!
they are soooooo cute!!!

pattyskypants said...

Ooooo, he's such a purr-itty kitteh!! xxoo p