Monday, July 7, 2008

Getting High!

We don't spend as much money these days on long trips, but we jumped at the chance 4th of July weekend to go to Ashland Ohio to see the balloon fest! It was only a couple of hours away and a great way to spend the day. The sky was as blue as could be. I was half afraid we would end up getting rained out but luck was on our side even though the field was a bit muddy. One of my goals is to ride a hot air balloon. It didn't happen this year, but next year I will jump in line a lot quicker than anyone else!

It was fascinating watching them set up!

Getting High!

Tethered Rides.

This is my favorite composition. It reminds me of the planets!

Balloon wannabees! LOL

What beautiful colors!!!

They cut the gas back with more oxygen giving it a golden flame instead of a blue flame to get the balloons to glow at night.

Night Glow!!!


callmelacie said...

Oooh how pretty, nice pictures!

morningDove said...

your time on 4th was wonderful from the pics. we had storms so stayed home. My dear friend who died of cancer was a ballonist. She had some fascinating stories and was an excellent quilter. And you are a great artist too. I love watching you.