Sunday, September 7, 2008

Heavenly Harvest

This is my favorite time of year when the gardens are plentyful of the best vegetables that you can ever have. Tomatoes and fresh basil are my favorite and I look forward to making tomato pie. I wish I could share it all with you.....then again maybe not! lol I will however share the recipe:) In addition to making tomato pie, I baked 2 apple pies. Wow! They were out of this world too! The apples were home grown and incredible flavor! My friend Peggy gave me her bountyful fruits. She's a very generous friend to have! Enjoy!

Tomato Pie

Make or buy your favorite pie crust.... mine happens to be a frozen Pillsbury Pet Ritz brand crust.
Bake single pie crust for 10 min. Over the bottom of the pie crust sprinkle a layer of dried bread crumbs to absorb the liquid. Peel and thickly slice enough tomatoes to cover the pie shell 4-6.
Dice 1 small onion
Slice 2 large portabella mushrooms (I didn't have any more for the above pie, but oh my goodness it really adds to the pie!)
Chop as much fresh basil as you would like
Add salt and pepper and mix and put into pie shell. In another bowl mix together 3/4 cup mayonise and 1 1/4 cup of shredded sharp cheddar and spread over the top layer of tomatoes. Bake 35 mn. @ 350 degrees. Let stand 5 min. and then cut and serve.


callmelacie said...

Oh wow, that looks amazing...Mike cannot wait for me to make him this now.

He says "Oooh I Wanda what that tastes like" HAHA

morningDove said...

oh these look delicious esp. the tomato pie. Thanks for the recipe, my mouth is watering.

needlewings said...

I'm baking another one tomorrow! Just now ran out of basil:( Anyone want to send me some? lol Better yet, just invite me and I can test your pies. ha ha ha.

Patty Skypants said...

YUM! What a wonderful idea and what beautiful tomatoes!! I have tons of basil. I think we're only twelve hours west of you. :-) xxoo Patty

Edzellinni said...

Wanda: I love your blog...and now I have a face to go with your name. Those pies look sooooo scrumptious. Maybe I will try making one...hard choice: art or baking...baking or art?

Edzellinni said...
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Michelle said...

OMG Wanda that looks wonderful!!!