Friday, September 19, 2008

Making Babies

I think way back before women had jobs, they stayed home and made babies, so I find myself doing the same. I mean, after that little tramp insident in the later post below, I found my self in that situation with unprotected sex. ha ha ha. I guess she should have met Happy Harry in a much more previous post. (Gee, maybe that's when Harry Met Sally! hee hee hee ) Well, she's on a roll now and can't stop making them! lol You can see more of my babies here. Anyway, I am content making these little guys because they all turn out so individually different. Sort of like our own children. We never expected them to turn out like they do! I mean that in a good and a bad way. lol Take for instance my daughter, she was like my Madame Vadoma (below), a little miss know it all when she was younger. She could predict the future and always telling you the way things are and to be! I am proud of her though. She just finished up getting her Masters degree this month, so maybe she really is little miss know it all!



Patty Skypants said...

The Babies are so KEWT! Congratulations to your daughter and to YOU for raising a smart woman! It is not an easy task, no matter how much talent and brain power they have. Just like roses, if we don't give them enough of what they need, they wilt before they bloom. May she BLOOM and PROSPER! xxoo Patty

needlewings said...

Thanks Patty, Hope she does too. She got an interview with a judge and she felt pretty good about it. Just hope she gets what she wants.

TracyB said...

Hi Wanda, was browsing your flikr site and noticed your SeaBreeze Dotee!! LOVE her!!

I'm a blonde and I always thought (& still do) that it would be SO cool to have blue hair, that color on your dotee, if just for a little while :)

Ati. Norway. said...

Lovely dolls !! I wonder how you make those pretty faces.