Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Baker's Dozen!

I knew we would be cutting it close and were taking bets on when Ivy's ducklings would hatch. I figured somewhere between the 4-6th of May by calculating the time she started to incubate her eggs. Our trip to Seattle meant we wouldn't be back until the 6th. We had a gal come over to the house every day to feed our animals while we were gone and she said she saw a beak peaking out from under Ivy the morning that we were to be back, but by afternoon, there wasn't any thing in the nest except the 5 eggs that were discolored and didn't hatch. It had rained all day and poor Debby stressed over something happening to them and afraid something got them or the fact that they drown in the over flooded creekbed. Ivy must have found another hiding place for her precious little guys. This afternoon she had them out for a swimming lesson! We had lots of rain and they were learning how in the big standing puddles near the pond. They were so cute running around mamma! Out of 18 eggs, she was able to hatch 13, a lucky baker's dozen! (Click on the photo and if you look closely, you will be able to count all 13 babies)


Michelle said...

That is awesome, Wanda! what a celebration!!!

Patty Skypants said...

That is so COOL! Ivey is quite the matriarch! xxoo Patty