Thursday, May 28, 2009

The family album

I couldn't help but add more photos of our growing family. I love taking photos of them as they are so photogenic. Ivy is as graceful as a swan!

O.K. so maybe Elmer isn't the most handsome creature on the face of the earth. As you can see here, his feathers on his head are in full bristle. lol He wasn't too keen at getting to have a full head shot.

Normally it is flat and behaved.

This little guy's name is Hot Wings. He has the darkest markings of the bunch. He was certainly a lot darker a few weeks ago. Don't you just love his dark brown eyes? The same color as Ivy's. Elmer's eyes are more hazel. Seems all of the duckie doodles have brown. Wonder if any will change as they are older.

This one's name is Puddles. Such a soft and cuddly color. Click on her photo and check out her little tail feathers. Too funny!

This one is named Webster. Unfortunately, he is the loner of the bunch. Everyone keeps picking on him so he usually swims in the pond by himself and has a different eating schedule from the other little duckies.

This one is Evinrude. He got his name quite honest and boy can he make tracks across the water! Look at him go!

This one's name is Flapper. Quite a difference in size! He has to grow into his wings a bit, but he sure does like to flap his stubby little bits!

This is Feathers, isn't she a sweetie?

Here's Puddles, Feathers, and Crackers having lunch together.

This is Beaker going for a swim

It's hard to tell who is who in this photo, as I mix the two pairs up with their markings, but at any rate, Here's Crackers, Flapper, Beaker and Drumstick. We have lost some little guys along the way, so we are down to 9 little ducklings.


Lyon said...

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callmelacie said...

What an adorable post, thank you for keeping us updated on your feathery family! They look like quite the entertaining little bunch.

studioGypsy said...

what a beautiful little family, wanda! ;) and i am so lovin their names... do they let you pet them? xoxo

needlewings said...

No, I haven't pet them. They are still a little figety, but I am within a couple of feet from them, so they are getting braver every time I put feed out. Thank goodness I have a great zoom lens to capture those shots especially out in the pond. I have to take 100s of photos for those little moving targets. lol

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...


Great photos of the little cuties!
I love all of their names. :)
They are growing really fast.

Michelle said...

what an absolutely beautiful family Elmer and Ivy have ... so precious. I love little Hot Wings!!

Sandy said...

They are all adorable.. I love love seeing ducks.

We use to have a couple here until the coyotes got to them...beautiful photos.

Anet said...

They are so precious! I just love baby ducklings:)


oh they are the CUTEST...... what a beautiful family. xxx

Sherry said...

How lucky to have your own ducks - they all look so cute! I love Evinrude especially - great moving shot of him too.