Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Creation, Design and Textures

I am inspired even by our growing ducks. They are changing every day and I am mesmerized by their textures and wondering what I could create or even use the patterning in my machine quilting. For now I shall dream of making something contemporary, take note and make sketches along the way.

Evinrude and Drumstick. They remind me of a couple of awkward teens.

The awkwardness of fuzz turning into feathers.

Don't you just love those crossed feathery lines? Click for a closer look.

I love the awesome rusty red coloration and texture on Webster.

Their wings are starting to stretch. Here's Crackers and Feathers


Puddles (she's still the dainty one)

I am chained to my machine this week trying to finish up quilts for customers for an up coming show. This one has been in the machine for a few days. Although it is very pretty, it is quite tedious and time consuming. I can hardly wait until it is off the machine and I can see it in full view. My friend Greta has an embroidery machine so her blocks are made entirely up of it and white spaces for me to quilt to show off the stitching. It's gratifying to work in harmony with another person's work.

I recently did a workshop "How to Become a Rope Addict", to an online art group of making some roping with various fibers beads and trim. I love it when I can teach someone something. It's at a time when funds are low and needing to work with creative supplies. The roping was made by using an old CD as a tool. We made some with thick fibers and some with thin to use as necklaces and embellishment.

When I was in Seattle in April/May, I purchased some new supplies. There were so many to choose from! The blue buttons are Chechz. glass. I love how they change colors with your movement and light catching it. It reminds me of Carnival Glass. I can hardly wait to dive into those babies and play with them!


peggy and The Cats said...

I am in awe of your artistic ability. I need, need to find another studio and get my hands dirty soon.

We saw two teenage ducks at the beach last week. They looked so lost. I'm afraid they were someones Easter ducks that were just dumped there. It hurts my heart what some people do. They should be somewhere and loved like yours.

Pam said...

love the quilting you did on the machine embroidery quilt. I know the owner will love the quilting. It works perfectly with the machine embroidery.

Patty Skypants said...

Texture! YUM! The feathers are really cool! Inspiring!