Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, I promised a larger photo of the quilt, but unfortunately it didn't turn out very well, but did get a little better shot of more quilting. When it is hanging at the show, I shall try again.

I also had to get a quilt finished up for Susan as she was giving it to some friends for a BD gift who really miss Florida. I would say that this would certainly put you in the frame of mind:)

Well, I am off to tackle another one for a BD gift. I miss doing my own quilt art, but these pay the bills, so guess I can't complain. I am greatful for a job where I can at least still create even if it is just the stitching!


Pam said...

Just stitching!!!!! Can't believe you call this just stitching. It is truly art. Your work is so wonderful. I'd never call it "just stitching".

Kris said...

I love the scrolls on the FLA quilt...looks like waves...and the white quilt is stunning. Amazing, Wanda.

Ann said...

your quilts are fabulous!! you are sooooooooo talented. a true joy to see!!
i really appreciate your lovely comment on my blog..thanks so much!!

Lois said...

How cool is that quilt?!!?
I love it.
You are so gifted!