Friday, June 5, 2009

Tickled with Feathers

It tickles me every time I see our little duckies, who are not so little any more. They are a month old today!

I would swear they are going through puberty as their little feathers are growing quickly. They spend more time pruning their baby down fuzz.

I couldn't resist getting a butt shot of Feather's feathers!

I'm no duck expert, but me thinks that Webster may just be a girl after all because of the coloration. I think we have 5 female and 3 males. Only time will tell!

Speaking of feathers, I have been busy getting some ruffled up too this week. This one belongs to Amy W. She plans to give it to her daughter for her birthday this month. I finished quilting it and now she is binding it while recovering from knee replacement.

I quickly whipped this one up for my SIL's therapist who is going to have a baby girl. I cut, pieced it, machine quilted it and had the binding on in one day. WHEW!!! It's actually lavendar, but looks more blue in this photo.

My next few weeks are cut out for me as I have to catch up on customer quilts.


Patty Skypants said...

The baby quilt is GAWJUS!! Your quilting is just incredible, really. Loving the baby duckies! xxoo Patty

Pam said...

Beautiful quilted feathers. The baby quilt is lovely and to think you made it in one day. Lucky baby.